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P-Bear Meeting Thai Delegates

Blog entry by Woon | 5 December, 2007

Tuesday 4 Dec 2007 by Woon SG-Thailand Photograph by Abigail Jabines P-Bear is so lovely when looking from outside but being inside it is another story…a very different one. This evening, I got to experience what it feels like...

Dawn in Bali

Blog entry by Razcel | 5 December, 2007

November 30, 2007 Razceljan - SG Philippines At 30˚C, it’s no ‘white Christmas’, contrary to the songs played on the radio on my way here in Bali, Indonesia. The time is also ‘heating up’ for the upcoming negotiation in the 13th UN...

Shots fired at coal plant protest

Blog entry by Andrew | 5 December, 2007 1 comment

By Andrew, web producer, in Amsterdam This happened last Saturday, but I just saw the video. As you can see, the Greenpeace activists got their giant banner deployed without getting hurt or killed. Great shot in there of...

Hello I'm P.Bear

Blog entry by Jo Kuper | 5 December, 2007 2 comments

By P. Bear, polar bear, in Bali I’m pretty sure that I’m the first Polar Bear to have ever been to Bali. It’s a beautiful place, and the people are lovely, but to be honest it’s not a climate that suits me. This is my second...

Kids in virtual world call out for real world action on climate change

Blog entry by Andrew | 5 December, 2007 1 comment

By Andrew, web producer, in Amsterdam If you're over the age of 30 there's a safe bet you don't understand Habbo - the largest virtual world for teens. In fact, no one over 30 I've talked to had even heard of it. But the teens...

The good, the bad and the fishy

Blog entry by Lisa | 5 December, 2007

Early Monday morning I arrived at the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meeting not as a human but as "SheSeeMe" the bigeye tuna. I passed out leaflets that laid out clear solutions to the increasing problem of...

Starting of COP

Blog entry by Woon | 5 December, 2007

Monday 3 Dec 2007 by Woon SG-Thailand For the first few minutes in the Bali Convention Centre, I could not really believe that I was walking among delegates, ministers, and other important people from all around the globe. Believe...

“World on Fire”

Blog entry by Woon | 5 December, 2007

Sunday 2 Dec 2007 by Razceljan SG-Philippines 6:25 A.M. – it’s when my alarm clock rings each morning. It’s the usual time my roommate, Chris Miller of Greenpeace USA, also wakes up and do the morning rituals. After breakfast, we...

Learnings - forests and climate change

Blog entry by Andrew | 4 December, 2007

By Roman, political advisor, in Bali The scene was like that of a first day class at an open university taught by a nobel laurate. It was a full house, standing room only, with lines outside the door. Those who were able to...

Day 2 - polar bears and bicycles

Blog entry by Andrew | 4 December, 2007

By Jo, communications officer, in Bali I can’t believe today was only the second day of the conference, but then I couldn’t believe yesterday was the first. With over 2,000 journalists, 10,000 delegates, hundreds of side events,...

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