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Recycle, then revolt

Blog entry by Andrew | 26 November, 2007

Just stumbled across a good post about how that if all of us that really care about the future could just live a little more ethically - we'd still be doomed. So many organizations put the focus on changing lightbulbs, recycling and...

Italian Job: Part 2

Blog entry by Emily | 26 November, 2007 1 comment

Posted by Emily, campaigner, onboard the Arctic Sunrise in Italy As the sun rose over an Enel power station in Civitavecchia this morning, our second action was underway. The Arctic Sunrise was pulling into port as ...

Vote for worst EU greenwash and lobbying awards

Blog entry by Andrew | 26 November, 2007

You've only got one more day to help pick who gets the named as the lowest of the low. Vote here. Oh but it is sooo hard to choose! Should I say ExxonMobile for, "purporting it is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions while in...

Canadian polar bears hurt by ice loss

Blog entry by Andrew | 26 November, 2007

Life is hard for the world's largest land carnivore, and getting harder. Even though they're named Ursus maritimus for their swimming ability, a new study has confirmed that without the ice they're in trouble. From the latest ...

Italian Tour Kickoff Action

Blog entry by Emily | 23 November, 2007

Posted by Emily, campaigner, onboard the Arctic Sunrise in Italy Our tour kicked off today in Cagliari, Sardinia with an action against the regional government. With this part of the country boasting the best onshore wind...

Campaigner profile- Emily

Blog entry by Emily | 23 November, 2007

Hi, my name is Emily and I am the international on board campaigner for a little "Quit Coal" tour around Italy. This is my first ship excursion with Greenpeace and I have been asked to keep you posted on the fun we are going to be...


Blog entry by Andrew | 23 November, 2007

We're tackling the root causes of climate change all over the world, and sending a team to the UN climate conference in Bali. Greenpeace staff and volunteers will bring you the inside stories behind the climate emergency - from coal...

Stripping down for a nuke free Middle-East

Blog entry by Andrew | 22 November, 2007 2 comments

Excerpts from the Greenpeace Mediterranean press release : The activists exposed themselves seconds before the president of Israel, Shimon Peres, started his speech in the Tel-Aviv University. Greenpeace activists opened three big...

Do gooders at Eurostar give Guardian excuse to slam greenwash

Blog entry by Andrew | 21 November, 2007 2 comments

Ok, no big surprise that taking the train is massively better for the climate than flying. But the folks at Eurostar took it a step further. The Guardian uses their good example to take some poor performers to task: Last Wednesday,...

Solar powered radio from 1956

Blog entry by Andrew | 21 November, 2007 2 comments

Modern Mechanix (slogan - "Yesterday's tomorrow, today") found this ad in a 1956 copy of Popular Electronics: Sun-Powered Receiver An experimental pocket-sized radio receiver, powered by energy from the sun, weighs only 10 ounces...

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