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Why are we defending the Pacific?

Blog entry by Lisa | 16 May, 2008

Written by Lagi, our Pacific oceans campaigner. Our work reaches out to the 20 Pacific Island countries in this region to move towards a sustainable and equitable fishery. I am from Fiji and as a Pacific Islander allow me to point...

Stolen whale meat scandal rocks Japan

Blog entry by brianfit | 15 May, 2008 5 comments

Finally, we can tell the story some of us have been sitting on for months now: the whale meat embezzlement we uncovered in Japan, in which stolen cuts of prime whale bacon are smuggled away from the "scientific research" vessels and...


Blog entry by Lisa | 14 May, 2008 3 comments

Written by Dean our communications officer (from Aotearoa/ New Zealand) on board the Esperanza. When I was in the Solomon Islands an old man came up to me with a bag made out of an old yellow sack strapped around his neck. "I have a...

How to (and how not to) make a viral video which wins campaigns

Blog entry by brianfit | 14 May, 2008

At yesterday's Organisational Review meeting here in the hallowed halls, we had a presentation from our Multimedia Producer, Daniel Bird, about the making of Onslaught(er) -- the Dove parody ad that the Wall Street Journal credits...

Czech protest against US military radar site enters third week

Blog entry by Andrew | 13 May, 2008 1 comment

From Louise's blog on the Greenpeace UK site: A group of Czech Greenpeace activists are set to begin their third week occupying the site of a proposed US 'Son of Star Wars' base in the Czech republic. About 20 Greenpeace activists...

Chasing rainbows and longliners

Blog entry by Lisa | 13 May, 2008 1 comment

A bigeye tuna on a Taiwanese longliner in Pacific international waters Over the past three days we have discovered and taken action against overfishing by six Taiwanese longliners in the Pacific Commons . One of these was the Ho...

The business press won't leave us alone

Blog entry by eoin | 9 May, 2008

What do all these newspapers have in common: The Wall Street Journal, Germany's Financial Times and Handelsblatt newspaper, and the Dutch Financieele Dagblad ? They've all reported positive stories about our campaigns and...

Fish laundering in the Pacific

Blog entry by Lisa | 9 May, 2008 4 comments

Today we caught an illegal tuna purse seiner (Queen Evelyn 168) in the Pacific Commons between Papua New Guinea and the Federated States of Micronesia. This Philippines-flagged vessel was close to the transfer of tuna between her...

NAFO wakes up to deep sea destruction

Blog entry by Lisa | 8 May, 2008

Last time I was on the Esperanza we were on the Grand Banks off the coast of Nova Scotia, exposing the destruction of bottom trawling in 2005 . We were asking the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) to wake up and start...

Short video briefing from the Esperanza

Blog entry by Andrew | 8 May, 2008 4 comments

Langi, on board our ship the Esperanza, with an update on destructive fishing in his part of the world, and what we're doing about it.

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