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Italy shares Ireland's bright idea

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 2 January, 2008

One by one the nations around the world are stepping up to the plate and banning incandescent lightbulbs. On December 10 Italy took the plunge after the budget committee voted in favour of a proposal from Green MP Angello Bonelli. ...

God doesn't do waste

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 2 January, 2008

That's the message from the Archbishop of Canterbury for the new year. You can see his New Years address in full at

Why the European Efficiency Proposal isn't enough

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 20 December, 2007

Yesterday the EC published their new rules on emissions standards for cars. While the regulation is in the right direction it falls short on every key aspect. Here's a quick chart explaining the problem. They suggest The climate...

Bali outcome

Blog entry by Andrew | 19 December, 2007 6 comments

By Wendel, Bali project team leader, now in Brussels The Bali meeting was an extra-ordinary one with final decisions being made more than 24 hours after its scheduled ending. The last couple of hours of the meeting were a bit of a...

What does a Greenpeace Christmas party look like?

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 18 December, 2007 2 comments

How do a bunch of hardcore activists take a break from saving the planet, kick back, and relax? They take a few Santa outfits, hitch themselves into their climbing gear, and perform a ballet on the climbing wall in the Greenpeace...

Looking back - Bali protests and actions world wide

Blog entry by Andrew | 17 December, 2007

Now that Bali's over, it's easy to forget all the hard work people around the world did to pressure governments to deliver. To be sure, letter writing, phone calls, lobby work, etc is all important. Everyone who contributed by sending...

[Cue drum roll] Greenpeace in LIBYA!

Blog entry by Salvatore | 15 December, 2007 3 comments

It is cold, its rainy, and its dark!! No, I am not pulling a late one in the office in Amsterdam. I am looking over the city of Tripoli, the capital of Libya. To the naked eye, the city looks almost like all Mediterranean cities, its...

US marginalized - but will it be enough?

Blog entry by Daniel | 15 December, 2007 3 comments

Posted by Arieta Moceica from Fiji at the Bali International Conference Centre It is now 5pm of Saturday 15th December. The UN Climate Change Conference was scheduled for 3-14 Dec. The conference is still in session! Why are we still...

Australia and Canada give in to pressure!

Blog entry by Daniel | 15 December, 2007 2 comments

Posted by Australian Stephen Campbell at the Bali International Conference Centre It's been a tough two weeks pushing the new Australian government to finally accept some clear numbers for action on climate change. At the beggining...

US isolated, "roadmap" adopted

Blog entry by Daniel | 15 December, 2007 1 comment

Posted by Daniel, political advisor at the Bali International Conference Centre Well, this was fun. After emotional speeches on the need to act - and to act now - against climate change by the likes of the UN Secretary General Ban...

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