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Deforestation 55000 times more dangerous than meteors

Blog entry by Juliette | 30 June, 2008 1 comment

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: I’ve been working on the forest campaign for about a month now, and I’ve heard a lot of people mention how many football fields of forest disappear every second/ hour/day . I don’t know about others, but I...

IWC wrap-up - everyone's "talking" but whales are no better off

Blog entry by Dave | 27 June, 2008 3 comments

At last... IWC60, also known as the 60th International Whaling Commission meeting, is now over. I started writing blog in the press room yesterday, while listening to the incredible (and often entertaining) rhetoric emanating from...

Live from the IWC - Something happening anytime soon now

Blog entry by Dave | 26 June, 2008 4 comments

IWC Chairman William Hogarth opens the Whale Kingdom for the Greenpeace Ocean Defenders © Greenpeace/Christian Varas Kallens. This is my first blog from the International Whaling Commission - as I write, we're into the third day of...

In the eye of the storm – or the effects of burning coal

Blog entry by Mareike | 24 June, 2008 5 comments

What an end to our Quit Coal ship tour in the Philippines… After talking about the effects of Climate Change on the Philippines for several weeks, I experienced them first hand with “Frank” or internationally better known as Typhoon...

Junichi Sato: Last blog before his arrest for exposing whaling corruption in Japan

Blog entry by brianfit | 23 June, 2008 12 comments

This is a rough translation of the final blog that Junichi Sato wrote before he was arrested in Tokyo for allegedly stealing a box of whale meat, itself stolen from the Japanese taxpayers, that he presented to police as evidence of...

Blogger arrested - blog him out of jail!!

Blog entry by brianfit | 21 June, 2008 6 comments

Junichi Sato is not only a whale activist in Japan (and there ain't many people who can put THAT on their business card), he's also a blogger. And he's been arrested for the crime of exposing the truth. AFP reported "Sato,...

Greenpeace activists arrested for exposing Japan's whale meat scandal

Blog entry by Dave | 20 June, 2008 15 comments

Update: Take Action now to release our activists » Breaking news - two Japanese Greenpeace activists, Junichi and Toru, have been arrested for exposing the stolen whale meat scandal which led to the ongoing investigation by the...

Don't mention the whales

Blog entry by Dave | 20 June, 2008 4 comments

Hello from Santiago, Chile, where the Greenpeace Whales team is gathering for this years International Whaling Commission meeting . There'll be more news in the coming days like an update on today's "Future of the IWC" discussion -...

Seafood industry memo: how to undermine Greenpeace

Blog entry by brianfit | 18 June, 2008

One of our supporters sent along the following memo which the National Fisheries Institute circulated in the US just before the launch of our Seafood Red List and our supermarket ranking guide , which had the audacity to evaluate...

From the climate defenders camp to the the funders of coal

Blog entry by Mareike | 18 June, 2008 1 comment

Sorry but my last entry didn’t show up on the website (internet doesn't always work on the ship). So I give you again an overview of the last days. When the sun rose on Monday morning I climbed into one of the inflatables from the...

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