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Denial-a-palooza 2008

Blog entry by Andrew | 4 March, 2008 1 comment

You know that saying, "denial ain't just a river in Egypt"? Well, there's a bunch of guys meeting in New York right now who make a living out of it. Denying climate change that is. From NY Times reporter Andrew Revkin's notebook : ...

A little recognition is always nice

Blog entry by tom | 29 February, 2008 2 comments

Just a spot of shameless backslapping - our very own Greenpeace Blog got a mention in the UK Newspaper TimesOnline Top 50 Eco Blogs . There's a few good ones new to me in their list, but of the one's I know there De Smog Blog is...

Who's the greenest of them all at CeBIT 2008?

Blog entry by tom | 28 February, 2008 2 comments

Next week is the latest big event in the IT industry calendar – the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, Germany. Green seems to be the fashionable IT buzzword right now and certainly the Consumer Electronics Show made a big deal about...

UK parliment exposed as aviation industry's second home

Blog entry by tom | 27 February, 2008

Great action and great pics from the folks at Plane Stupid who scaled the House of Parliament to lower a banner saying "BAA HQ". The consultation on Heathrow expansion ends today and BAA (who run 7 UK airports) actually wrote parts of...

Potatoes, politics and antibiotics

Blog entry by Andrew | 18 February, 2008 2 comments

Good article today in the International Herald Tribune about a genetically engineered potato designed to, "yield large quantities of starch suitable for making glossy paper products and for feeding animals". That is important stuff,...

Bulb changing in Italy

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 February, 2008 3 comments

We're calling for governments around the world to ban the bulb , but we're not waiting for them. Here's Greenpeace Italy local group activists changing bulbs all over town. Reminds me a little of this fantastic video .

Pacific Ocean may be nearing a tipping point

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 February, 2008

In a related story.... Peering into the murky depths, Jane Lubchenco searched for sea life, but all she saw were signs of death. Video images scanned from the seafloor revealed a boneyard of crab skeletons, dead fish and other...

Ocean impacts mapped

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 February, 2008

Maps of the world usually have lots of lovely blue to show where the oceans are. This map, showing damage to our oceans, is all yellow, oranges and reds with only small bits of pristine blue. It's hardly the first warning from...

Nuclear and CO2

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 February, 2008 3 comments

Article in yesterday's business section of the Sydney Morning Herald about doubts that nuclear energy a good solution to climate change: Nuclear power's claim to be the answer to global warming is being questioned by reports...

Monarchies for (Energy) Revolution

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 15 February, 2008 1 comment

Prince Charles has joined those calling for a revolution in the way we use Energy. The Guardian reports that "Prince Charles highlighted the rapid melting of the north polar ice cap as a wake-up call "as we sleepwalk our way towards...

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