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Help get the European Union to lead the energy revolution!

Blog entry by brianfit | 18 September, 2006 2 comments

Mahi Sideridou, in our European Unit writes: The European Union is currently trying to decide on the future of its energy sector. The European Commission is asking for people's opinion on a number of energy issues, so that it can...

Google Earth shows environmental destruction

Blog entry by Dave | 18 September, 2006

Google and the United National Environmental Program have teamed up - and are using Google Earth to show areas of extreme environmental degradation worldwide. The UNEP overlay for Google Earth includes successive time-stamped...

Forest Fertiliser "Time Bomb"

Blog entry by Dave | 18 September, 2006

The Sunday Times and Friends of the Irish Environment (FOIE) have revealed that the Irish government and the state forestry company, Coillte are sitting on a ticking time bomb. It's been discovered that phosphorous and nitrate...

HP laptops more toxic than they say, Apple more toxic than you'd think

Blog entry by eoin | 18 September, 2006 6 comments

Greenpeace bought five top-brand laptops this summer and asked an independent laboratory to test them for toxic chemicals. The brand-new laptops were taken apart and tested for nasty stuff brominated flame retardants (BFRs), polyvinyl...

And now from the "This is NOT a joke" Department

Blog entry by brianfit | 18 September, 2006 2 comments

(AFP report) British arms manufacturer BAE Systems is designing "environmentally friendly" weapons, including "reduced lead" bullets, "reduced smoke" grenades and rockets with fewer toxins, The Sunday Times said... Other...

Ronald McHummer

Blog entry by Dave | 17 September, 2006 1 comment

US public watchdog the Environmental Working Group has lambasted McDonald's for giving away 42 million toy Hummers . Yes, 42 million . McDonald's often emphasizes its "long-standing global commitment to environmental protection...

Climate change denying propaganda linked to Exxon

Blog entry by Lisa | 16 September, 2006

CNN reported that a Republican lobbying organisation, which has Exxon as one of its clients, is linked to a spoof YouTube video , which makes fun of Al Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth" . Funny how much skeptical climate...

International Coastal Cleanup Day

Blog entry by Andrew | 15 September, 2006 1 comment

I know this is what you have all been looking forward too - cleaning up beach trash! And tomorrow is International Coastal Cleanup Day. Woo hoo! I'll be honest though. I am far too lazy to go all the way to the beach to pick up...

Greg Palast Escapes Homeland Security, Exxon and Cancer Alley

Blog entry by Dave | 15 September, 2006

You've got to love journalist Greg Palast. You might not know who he is, but you damn know well the consequences of his work - he's the journalist, who, while working for the BBC, uncovered the voting fraud in Florida, during the 2000...

Beautiful destruction

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 14 September, 2006

Spectacular photographs of a disturbing subject: the forest fire infernos raging across the rainforests of Indonesia and Brazil. The fires are aggravated by global warming. Then they aggravate global warming. Loop and repeat.

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