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Oil prices set to stay high?

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 13 November, 2007

From the Economist I learn that oil production by the so called oil majors has fallen by 9% last year That's not to say overall oil production has fallen, or...

Bush administration spending priorities

Blog entry by Andrew | 12 November, 2007 1 comment

Someone just sent me a highly amusing/depressing post about how the Bush administration is spending US taxpayer's money. I can't really sum it up here. You'll have to read the original on Daily Kos . Be sure to read all the way to...

IPCC final report most important document this year

Blog entry by Jo Kuper | 12 November, 2007

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) started their final 2007 meeting today in Valencia, Spain. We greeted them with three banners bearing the message “Warning: save the climate now.” This week the IPCC will...

Oil company loses ad ruling

Blog entry by Andrew | 12 November, 2007

Can an oil company really get away with saying something as ridiculous as, "Heating with oil: for more climate protection"? No you can't. Not today anyway. Today we won a ruling against the Swiss Oil Association. We pointed out the...

Accidents will happen

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 12 November, 2007

Last weekend there were two oil spills. One took place in the Black Sea, where a Russian tanker split in two, releasing 2000 tonnes of oil . The other took place in the San Francisco Bay, where 58 000 gallons of oil were spilled ...

Tar Sands

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 12 November, 2007

An excellent piece about what getting oil from tar sands really means. Some highlights "The extraction of the oil requires heat, and thus the burning of vast amounts of natural gas - effectively one barrel of gas to extract two of...

Surprise visit to the World Energy Congress

Blog entry by Andrew | 11 November, 2007 1 comment

[ Copyright: Greenpeace/Michelangelo Gisone ] I work at Greenpeace and even so sometimes I've got to ask, "How did they do that?" This is the stage of the World Energy Conference (held by the World Energy Congress), in Rome. [ Click...

Answering the call about the iPhone protest that never was

Blog entry by tom | 9 November, 2007 1 comment

Now anyone who follows technology news knows the Apple rumour phenomenon well. Sometimes they are true, occasionally they have some basis in fact but more often they are completely made up . This week there was a "Greenpeace to...

Wind power catching up to nukes in Germany

Blog entry by brianfit | 9 November, 2007

Today's mailbag contains a couple of encouraging reports from the field: Last Wednesday we had pretty good wind conditions in Germany. Due to the fact that just 12 out of 17 german nuclear reactors were running (the rest are either...

Palm oil: Cooking the Climate

Blog entry by Andrew | 8 November, 2007

[ A forest is seen through smoke, days after being burnt down along the Kapuas River in Indonesia. (Photographer: Natalie Behring.) ] According to recent estimates Indonesia is the third largest greenhouse gas emitter after China...

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