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OD-TV: Sebastian on the scene at tuna meet

Blog entry by Andrew | 28 November, 2006

Be sure to check out the latest Ocean Defenders TV clip (called Behind the Scenes at ICCAT, in the Defending our Oceans channel). It follows Greenpeace Spain campaigner Sebastian through the course of a big meeting to decide the...

Greenpeace scientist more important than Buddha!

Blog entry by Adele | 28 November, 2006 3 comments

It's official. Our scientist Paul Johnston, or PJ as he's affectionately called around here, is more important than Buddha, the Dalai Lama, and more weirdly, Jamie Oliver and Father Christmas. Today the Guardian names the Environment...

Citizens inspection of nuclear bomb making factory at Aldermaston, UK

Blog entry by Dave | 27 November, 2006

© Greenpeace Hundreds of citizen weapons inspectors - including our British colleagues - have just spent this morning patrolling through the muddy fields of England. They came from all over the UK, converging on the Atomic Weapons...

Fisheries failure at the highest political levels

Blog entry by Andrew | 27 November, 2006 1 comment

School of Tuna At two major international meetings this past week, officials talked big and did nothing - despite dire warnings from the scientific community in both cases. To me, this shows just how badly the system is broken,...

Blobfish on BoingBoing

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 24 November, 2006 4 comments

Cory Doctorow posted a picture of one of our Seamount Mascosts , the blobfish, on BoingBoing, along with the note that he was "trawled during the NORFANZ expedition at a depth between 1013 m and 1340 m, on the Norfolk Ridge,...

Reporting Illegal Weapons of Mass Destruction in Europe

Blog entry by brianfit | 24 November, 2006

Citizens summons and complaints are being filed all over Europe to demand the enforcement of international humanitarian law by dismantling Nuclear Weapons. Didn't know that Nuclear Weapons are illegal? Well now you know. The...

Fears that Baiji Dolphins are extinct

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 24 November, 2006

From the Guardian I learn that the Baiji Dolphins of the Yangtze river may be extinct, killed off by pollution and irresponsible fishing practices. The species is found only in the Yangtze river which is the longest river in Asia. ...

Iceland harpoons deep-sea protection: Icelandic government says "Muuhahahaha"

Blog entry by Adele | 23 November, 2006 2 comments

You know, sometimes you just want to break Greenpeace's policy on non-violent direction action, and go kick the crap out of the half-broken cabinet under Irene's desk (here in the Stockholm office that cabinet has been the victim of...

Meanwhile, at the UN: Karen's finally lost it

Blog entry by Adele | 23 November, 2006 1 comment

Just got an eagerly-awaited email update from our Political Advisor Karen Sack, at the UN, awaiting a decision on the proposed moratorium on high-seas bottom trawling. All it said was "2am, still waiting". But the picture said 1000...

Late night coffee while the UN negotiates about bottom trawling

Blog entry by Lisa | 22 November, 2006

As I look above me I can see parts of the coral reef hanging over my head. Sponges, encrusting seaweeds, sea anemones and more coral surrounds me. Dolphins hover close by... motionless. To the right of me people are watching the...

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