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Greenpeace webcam: you, too, can spot the Nisshin Maru

Blog entry by brianfit | 12 January, 2008 15 comments

Late last night, the word went out that we had found the fleet . On board the Espy, the Bridge bristled with binoculars as the crew sought to catch a glimpse through the fog and snow. And judging from the webstats, an awful lot of...

Nuclear winter, Tiny cars and Green IT

Blog entry by tom | 11 January, 2008 2 comments

Here's 3 articles I thought were worth sharing from my morning reading - after yesterday's entirely predictable and depressing announcement that the UK Government is going to spend more billions on failed nuclear power, Polly Toynbee...

Your choice 2007

Blog entry by tom | 7 January, 2008

Here at Greenpeace we like to think we know a good story when we see it, but hard numbers count more than hunches - here's the top ten of what you, our audience liked reading on our website, viewing on our YouTube channel or in our...

The Unchained Goddess

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 7 January, 2008 2 comments

Here's an exerpt from a 1958 film introducing the dangers of global warming. Directed by none other than Frank Capra, with cartoons by Mel Blanc.

Virtual Whale Watching

Blog entry by Lisa | 7 January, 2008 1 comment

Last night at 1 o'clock in the morning I was just about to go to sleep in Amsterdam when Karli, the expedition leader on the Esperanza, messaged me saying "check out the web cam now, we have 30 or more humpbacks all around us eating...

A vision and a challenge

Blog entry by brianfit | 3 January, 2008 3 comments

Image © Lisa Vickers Karen Sack, Greenpeace International's Head of Oceans, has been in bed with a fever the last couple days. She blames the antihistamines for the following sunny revery about what 2008 might bring to our oceans...

Oil breaks $100

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 3 January, 2008 2 comments

Remember back in 2004 when this oil prices soared past first $40 and then $50 and people said 'don't worry, to be as bad as the previous oil shocks it would have to reach $100', well yesterday it did . Normally when prices go up...

Farewell, Mr. Bates

Blog entry by brianfit | 2 January, 2008 5 comments

New comes today of the passing of A.E. Griffith Bates, Jr. You won't recognise the name. You won't have seen pictures of him chained to anything. He's probably never appeared in any of the many books about Greenpeace. But he was an...

Italy shares Ireland's bright idea

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 2 January, 2008

One by one the nations around the world are stepping up to the plate and banning incandescent lightbulbs. On December 10 Italy took the plunge after the budget committee voted in favour of a proposal from Green MP Angello Bonelli. ...

God doesn't do waste

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 2 January, 2008

That's the message from the Archbishop of Canterbury for the new year. You can see his New Years address in full at

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