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Sellafield accident could turn Ireland into "an open prison for 100 years"

Blog entry by Dave | 2 October, 2006 2 comments

I've just been reading about the Nuclear Free Local Authorities 's recent conference examining the possible impact of the UK's new nuclear programme on Ireland - a country without nuclear power - has found that Ireland is at serious...


Blog entry by Jamie | 2 October, 2006 2 comments

A web editor of ill repute, I've been working for Greenpeace since early 2006. Forests and GM are my bread and butter but have been known to moonlight for other campaigns. I also seem to be involved in research mobile technologies as...

Mare Magazine: Where have all the tuna gone?

Blog entry by Dave | 2 October, 2006

The folks over at German magzine Mare have been publishing stories in partnership with our campaign, Defending our Oceans . The magazines are out in print in Germany and elsewhere - but the English versions are available for...

Global Warming: Arctic Ice dramatically reduced

Blog entry by Dave | 2 October, 2006

These shocking satellite images from the European Space Agency show how the Arctic summer ice pack has changed in just one year. The left image was taken in August 2005 - the right in August 2006. See the difference? In both images,...

Ahhh, weekends....

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 2 October, 2006

Time to kick back with a cold gif, throw a couple of logos on the creative fires, open up a jar of culture jam, turn on the Photoshop and bar-b-cue something for the Green my Apple campaign: Tom Dowdall had the great...

Free Hugs

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 29 September, 2006 3 comments

I challenge you to watch this and not smile. Activism with a sense of humanity -- and humour. Sign me up.

Green my Apple, Steve

Blog entry by brianfit | 26 September, 2006 5 comments

All the Apple users in the Greenpeace office here in Amsterdam are hiding behind the clean lines of their Apple monitors, squirrelling away their iPods, and placing their arms protectively about their iBooks. But despite the fact...

Walking sharks and kung fu shrimp

Blog entry by Andrew | 25 September, 2006

Off the coast of Indonesia researchers have found sharks that walk on their fins and shrimp that look like praying mantis, along with a bunch of other new species. Photos on National Geographic , which goes on to say: Scientists...

Richard Branson pledges $3bn to curb global warming

Blog entry by Dave | 21 September, 2006 4 comments

Interesting news. When Richard Branson gets something into his head, he usually goes with it. From the BBC: The Virgin boss said he would commit all profits from his travel firms, such as airline Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Trains,...

Happy Birthday, Greenpeace

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 21 September, 2006 1 comment

Rex Weyler writes: "[September 15th] is the 35th birthday of Greenpeace. Some of the founders have passed on: Irving Stowe, Ben Metcalf, Davie Gibbons, John Cormack, and Bob Hunter. A new generation of environmentalists face challenges...

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