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Sellafield fined: Eight months to notice a leak!

Blog entry by Dave | 18 October, 2006

Looks like that old nugget, Sellafield reprocessing plant, is back in the news again, this time for leak that was discovered in April 2005, eight months after it had started: "About 83,000 litres of acid containing 20 tonnes of...

Iceland permits hunt for endangered whales

Blog entry by Irene | 17 October, 2006 6 comments

I am so tired. Not because of the long day or the sort of late hour, but because the Icelandic fisheries ministry issued a permit to hunt 39 whales for commercial purposes. It is. Just. So. Frustrating. Why do they do this? You tell...

The Green Light District of Amsterdam. What?

Blog entry by Dave | 17 October, 2006 9 comments

© Greenpeace/Lombardi Well, with all this talk of " climate porn ", some of our activists in Amsterdam have gone one better - they've set up a "Green Light District" in the heart of Amsterdam's Red Light District by replacing the...

300 million and counting

Blog entry by Richard | 17 October, 2006

At 07:46 East Coast Time on the 17th October 2006 in the United States, a momentous event occurred. The 300 millionth American was born. Or as some people in the US have been pointing out, they most likely just walked across the border...

Tuna: Yes, it really is a fish, no, it's not nice to dolphins, and it's in deep deep ...

Blog entry by Dave | 13 October, 2006 6 comments

This is tuna: This is also tuna: © Greenpeace/Alex Hofford The current webbie on the Esperanza, Richella, has been writing about tuna today . Funny this, as I'd been thinking about tuna myself the last few days (yes, I think...

September: The Month in Pictures

Blog entry by Dave | 12 October, 2006

Here's the top photos from Greenpeace photographers during September. Some sobering stuff... Above: 19 September 2006 - Aerial view of the mud gushing out of a Lapindo Brantas Inc. gas exploration well in Sidoarjo, East Java. The...

Finland wins the Golden Chainsaw Award

Blog entry by Dave | 12 October, 2006

This one slipped by me, despite my having been at last year's Forest Rescue Station in Finland . Finland, you see, has managed to win the Golden Chainsaw Award, which we reserve for the worst forest crime offenders. Between the the...

Nuke Pub Quiz - Nuclear Weapons in Europe

Blog entry by Dave | 12 October, 2006 1 comment

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Green my Apple: Audience as Campaigner

Blog entry by brianfit | 12 October, 2006

This bit of feedback from one of my personal heroes, Kathy Sierra, made my day: Greenpeace takes a novel, inspiring approach to a campaign to make Apple 'green' . Rather than attacking the company, it encourages Apple fans...

An inconvenient truth

Blog entry by Martin Lloyd | 12 October, 2006

Al Gore's film ' An Inconvenient Truth ' opens in Holland today. You'd think that with the world approaching a literal melt down you wouldn't need a movie to get people's attention. But there's the rub - these days there are so many...

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