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Cebit: How green is the Green PC?

Blog entry by jmi | 8 March, 2008 1 comment

German IT magazine Chip has been honouring some products and services with its Chip award at Cebit . One of their awards is a “green” one . It went to a Fujitsu Siemens Desktop PC called “Green PC”. Fujitsu Siemens states that...

Cebit: Ice cream for the Greenpeace women

Blog entry by jmi | 8 March, 2008

It’s Saturday – weekend – and we see much more people coming to Cebit and our booth today and expect even more tomorrow, as many end consumers attend Cebit at weekends. The train to the fairground this morning was overcrowded –...

Cebit: “IT greens” versus “Green IT”

Blog entry by jmi | 8 March, 2008 2 comments

Our toxics campaigner Yannick Vicaire wrote up his view on the “Green IT” at Cebit. Read what he says about the tactics of IT managers not to take on responsibility. It’s understood, “Green IT” in Cebit is all about energy...

Green Cooking @ CeBIT

Blog entry by Casey | 7 March, 2008

Day 4 here at CeBIT in Hannover, and despite the excellent work and camaraderie of our international crew here in Germany, I am definitely missing my home of Oakland in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. Besides the great...

Gold-rush at Cebit

Blog entry by jmi | 7 March, 2008

My colleagues Omer and Giona strolled a little bit around at Cebit. They visited the famous Green IT Village , had a look at the brand-new and much-hyped Lenovo X300 laptop and the Asus “Ecobook” with parts out of Bamboo – but not...

Hans Monker

Blog entry by Andrew | 7 March, 2008 117 comments

You would never pick out Hans in a bar as a hero. He just didn't have the look. But he went places most people wouldn't dare go, to do work beyond most of us - for Greenpeace, Médecins Sans Frontières and other groups. He was born...

Cebit not so green

Blog entry by jmi | 6 March, 2008

Over at the official Cebit blog Sascha is wondering about an exhibitors’s huge Humvee car (blog post in german) and whether some companies take “Green IT” really that seriously. We wondered too. That’s why we – that’s me and our ...

The whole Cebit should be a Green Village

Blog entry by jmi | 6 March, 2008 1 comment

… claims our Greener Electronics campaigner Zeina Al-Hajj in an interview she gave to the Cebit Channel on Youtube . Please watch it, blog it, spread it.

Save the planet -- eat a whale?????

Blog entry by brianfit | 5 March, 2008 2 comments

It's hard to know whether to pity or admire an opponent when they're up against a wall and start throwing out the desperation arguments. In 2006, when the Competitive Enterprise Institute was finding it increasingly hard to buy...

Vlog from CeBIT: xBox

Blog entry by Salvatore | 5 March, 2008 1 comment

Hi, this is Casey, reporting Greenpeace's first video blog from CeBIT. Here, I am showcasing the Greenpeace e-waste exhibit and am on the hunt for a comment from Microsoft, whose CEO Steve Ballmer announced on Monday that the...

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