500,000 facebook members say "unfriend coal"

Last Friday night, a Greenpeace supporter from just outside Helsinki, Finland became the 500,000th person to join our facebook coal campaign. People from all over the world continue to join on our website (sign up if you haven't already) and on facebook.

I got in touch with Veli-Matti Hagberg over the weekend. He's studying psychology and IT. He's also an avid facebook user -- daily, sometimes more, he says.

In six years facebook.com has grown from a Harvard dorm room to a world renowned corporation with a network of tens of thousands of computer servers. Facebook can control where it builds its infrastructure; the power purchasing agreements it enters into; and how it uses its brand's power to advocate for strong policies that promote clean energy.

Given all of the control Facebook does have, it can make a commitment to phase out coal and show the rest of the IT sector that it can be done.

It has been just months since we first launched a Facebook group to protest the company's use of coal-power. The campaign is now open to anybody to join - you don't need a facebook.com account to help out.