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  • People Power sends a message: Wind turbines not nuclear power stations.

    Blogpost by Andrew - 30 November, 2007 at 16:55

    From Gavin, head of climate campaign, onboard the Rainbow Warrior

    What a day. We started with a simple idea: villagers and religious leaders have been heavily opposing the construction of a nuclear power plant here on the coast of Java island, Indonesi... Read more >

  • John C - campaigner

    Blogpost by Andrew - 30 November, 2007 at 15:45

    Hi all. I am from Minnesota, which, I am sorry to admit, is part of the United States. I am doing my best to manage in the heat and insanity of life in Washington DC. Since 2006, the country seems to have begun to come to its senses, but the climat... Read more >

  • Agnes - campaigner

    Blogpost by Andrew - 30 November, 2007 at 15:40

    Usually mistaken for one of the students of the Solar Generation project (which I coordinated until recently), I am actually working for Greenpeace since 2003.

    After I finished my studies in Economics (believe it or not, there are economists working at... Read more >

  • Stephanie - campaigner

    Blogpost by Stephanie Tunmore - 30 November, 2007 at 15:31

    Hi, I'm Stephanie Tunmore and I am a Climate Campaigner for Greenpeace International. I've been with Greenpeace for almost 18 years in various roles - receptionist, campaign assistant, press officer, corporate campaigner, project team leader – but fo... Read more >

  • Wind

    Blogpost by Andrew - 29 November, 2007 at 10:55 1 comment

    From Emily, campaigner, on board the Arctic Sunrise

    The Beaufort Scale is a tool for seafarers, similar to the Richter Scale for earthquakes, that ranks wind velocity from 0-12. As we pulled out of port from Civitavecchia on Tuesday night, the first m... Read more >

  • Setting Sail for Bali

    Blogpost by Andrew - 28 November, 2007 at 23:48

    By Gavin, head of climate campaign, onboard the Rainbow Warrior

    We left the quayside in Jakarta yesterday onboard the Rainbow Warrior, destined for the international UN climate negotiations in Bali beginning early December. Before leaving, we undertook... Read more >

  • What the Oz election outcome means for the election

    Blogpost by Andrew - 28 November, 2007 at 12:41

    Posted by Ben, campaigner, in Australia

    The Australian election was a comprehensive thumping for the conservative parties. And one of the things that hurt them most was their (non) position on climate change - in particular the refusal to ratify the Ky... Read more >

  • Official: climate change destroys development

    Blogpost by Daniel - 27 November, 2007 at 15:34

    Posted Daniel, political advisor in Berlin

    Received wisdom, however wrong, is something difficult to change. So one of the most common knee jerk reactions to environmentalists going on about the need to act against climate change is still: "Yeah, but w... Read more >

  • Daniel, Political Advisor

    Blogpost by Daniel - 27 November, 2007 at 15:24


    I am Daniel and I have been a Political Advisor with Greenpeace International since 2004. Bali will be the last stop in a tiring journey for 2007, which has also seen me at the G8 summit, at the UN world leaders meeting on climate change in September ... Read more >

  • A web blogger's work is never done

    Blogpost by Salvatore - 27 November, 2007 at 11:14 1 comment

    Posted by Giona, webby, onboard the Arctic Sunrise in Italy

    We had a long action day yesterday with two activities in different places. Climbers on the cranes at a power station in Civitavecchia that energy utility Enel is converting to coal, and a pho... Read more >

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