Posted by Daniel, political advisor at the Bali International Conference Centre

As more and more ministers arrive in Bali, more and more of the real action is happening informally and behind closed doors. The ministers will give the speeches and get the puplic attention. But the texts will decide whether Bali has delivered - or not - and until tomorrow night at least, these texts are still being negotiated by the buraucrats. As of this weekend, texts are out; documents, that give an indication of what the end result might look like. Papers that governments will now wrangle over for the rest of the week.

Everybody from now on will be asking "Have you seen the text on x?" "What do you make of paragraph 2i of text y?" in the corridors. Our task for the rest of the week is simple (at least in principle): Get bad things out of these texts. And fight like hell for what we like. Such as references to real emissions reductions for industrialized countries of the scale required by science (25-40% by 2020; amounting collectively to at least minus 30%) . These figures are on the table just now - a real result of all our hard work last week. Let's hope they stay there! We will work like hell to make sure they do. Promise.