3rd place - Russia

Russia stormed into third place for today's Fossil of the Day due to its delegation head's final statement that the 25-40% targets for 2020 are "unfounded". Perhaps Russia thinks that there are more eminent, more well-informed organisations out there than the Nobel-Prizewinning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?

2nd Place - The European Union

With its Climate and Energy Package shivering in the damp and chilly - but not frosty and frozen thanks to climate change - Polish winter, the European Union has snatched second place for stressing that Europe supports a 2 degree increase in average global temperatures. Of course, the Brussels agreement charts a 4 degree increase, but hey, if you listen to Italy's Berlusconi the degrees don't matter anyway as climate action is as urgent as a haircut.

And first place.... drum roll...

The Umbrella Group! Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

While being full of the usual suspects - and several repeat FOTD winners - this win is particularly apt due to the group's insistence that they have not been obstructing progress because.... they (grudgingly) re-affirmed their Bali targets. Bravo!

Now for the long awaited Fossil of the Year...

Canada has racked up enough points over the last 2 weeks to land itself in the first place for the country that has done the most to undermine and hinder the progress of the talks here in Poznan.

So, it is now 10 PM here in Poznan and the outcome will be determined in the late night discussions that are happening behind closed doors in the plenary. Stay tuned to see if the leaders can pull it together and deliver a real action plan to get us an agreement in Copenhagen.