It's New Years Day, and there's hardly a sound now in Amsterdam (last night's celebrations were fantastic). 750 km away, four Greenpeace activists are on their 12th day of preventive detention in a Danish prison.

The Red Carpet Four's supporters sent them thousands of cards, and tens of thousands more protest messages have been sent to the Danish government. They should be out by January 7, when they have a hearing. Though of course they shouldn't have been denied bail and locked up over the holidays like this at all!

Danish police not only let the real climate criminals get away by plane after the failed UN climate summit--they even let another Greenpeacer, Dima Litvinov, who was instrumental in the Red Carpet action, go home. It's all over the Danish press.

Meanwhile 3,000 km away, Egyptian authorities are refusing to allow a humanitarian aid convoy into Gaza, where a year ago an Israeli invasion left 1,400 Palestinians dead and thousands homeless. Human rights activists with the Viva Palestina convoy began a hunger strike in protest on Tuesday to draw attention to the deadlock.

Authorities often try to do their most rotten misdeeds when they think nobody is watching. That's why international solidarity -- even just letter writing and signing postcards -- is so important. Morgan Freeman explains it better than I can.

(Photo credit: © Kristian Buus / Greenpeace)