During the EU Summit today - a Greenpeace motorcade entered the heavily guarded summit grounds in Brussels to drive home the message that European leaders must boost their climate commitments for success at the Copenhagen Summit. Eleven activists traveling in a three-vehicle convoy drove up to the European Council VIP entrance amid official government delegations and stepped out onto the red carpet used by Europe’s presidents and prime ministers.


We're calling on Europe’s leaders to use the EU summit as an opportunity to increase their commitment on greenhouse gas emissions.

They need to move from their current agreement of a 20 percent cut to 30 percent (based on 1990 levels). This would then pave the way for an agreement in Copenhagen that would push industrialised countries to a scientifically sound 40 percent reduction target.

While the EU seems reluctant to move, rich countries such as Japan and Norway have made commitments for 25 percent and 40 percent emission cuts. Developing countries such as China, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa have also announced ambitious climate action.

The EU has an opportunity to inject momentum into the climate talks and trigger real change in the US position. After weeks of downplaying there is now movement in the negotiations. A step forward by the EU might well tip the balance and lead to a legally binding deal in time for Christmas!

>>In the news: "Greenpeace activists have breached EU security to tell European leaders to "wake up" and help save the planet from the increasing threat of global warming. "

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