In Copenhagen, leaders didn't make history--but the world's people did. A year of unprecedented action on climate change reached never before seen heights in the last two weeks: Thousands upon thousands of vigils, rallies, and protests, floods of phone calls and messages sent, millions of petition signatures--all calling for the fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty.

“We still need and still will win”

We're in this for as long as it takes. Even today four of our activists are behind bars in the Danish jail, in isolation and detained without trial until 7th of January. This is not the first time that Greenpeace activists have to face such trails. We are not against the legal consequences of our actions. But I think the Danish authorities have over-reacted.

Madrid protest

The "Red Carpet Four" have five children, aged two to thirteen, and one pregnant partner. Denying these people bail is keeping them away from their families over the holidays. All this for a peaceful protest, when world leaders who failed to stand up for the climate have been comfortably back home for days. People are gathering round the world to protest and demand the release of activists detained in Copenhagen during the climate summit. Danish media are even reacting to Spanish media coverage of the issue.

Please support our new campaign to keep the pressure on the world leaders for a real climate deal in 2010, as this will be our win on the injustice. We’re together the agents of change. This change starts with us. We have to show these folks that we can lead, that we can take concrete steps to reverse this damage that they have left to manifest. Let's take leadership wherever we are.