While the bureaucrats and ministers slug it out on text insertions and

deletions at the UN conference, the UNFCCC President Mr. Rachmat

Witoelar took a break from the proceedings earlier today to to visit the

Rainbow Warrior docked in Benoa Harbour of Bali to launch Greenpeace

Southeast Asia's 'Energy Efficient Bali' programme.

Witoelar was as excited about the 'Switch off, Unplug, Enjoy' initiative

as he was about visiting our flagship, that has been for last two months

taking direct action to expose and stop climate crimes happening in his

country. Like Gerd Leipold our international executive director pointed

out to him, Greenpeace is not all about direct actions or stopping

crimes, we also promote solutions and Energy Efficient Bali is one such

initiative, the Minister agreed and encouraged all stake holders of Bali's

hospitality industry to participate enthusiastically in the Greenpeace


The programme incidentally is being run in partnership with Bali Hotels

Association and Bali Tourism Development Sector and will include regular

skill-shares to provide information on cost-effective energy efficiency

measures and modern renewable energy technologies that the hospitality

industry can deploy at their properties; Regular training on energy

conservation, water conservation and waste management for hotel staff;

and of course some Greenpeace style lobbying of the Indonesian

government to provide incentives and subsidies to allow hotels to invest

in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

Witoelar was happy that he could get away from the meeting, but we used

the opportunity to impress upon him that we expected that under his

leadership the UNFCCC and all parties at the conference will take brave

decisions to ensure that the outcome of the Bali meeting will meet the

aspirations of the millions of people around the world.