Amsterdam: Orang-utan finally gets a well-deserved rest in a popular park (above), KitKat campaign 'Killer' logo moves from Facebook profile pics to grocery store shelves (below)

The end of April passed without any concrete commitment from Nestlé that they will drop their palm oil supplier Cargill - which still purchases palm oil products directly from forest destroyer Sinar Mas. This despite the fresh evidence we uncovered that Sinar Mas is still clearing Indonesian rainforest for palm oil - rainforest that includes key orang-utan habitat.

What is an orang-utan to do? Take to the streets, of course. Buoyed by all the creative support the KitKat campaign has generated online, the protesting orang-utan has moved from YouTube and Facebook to sidewalks, parks and grocery stores - maybe in a city near you. She's found plenty of people, both young and old, who want to help give her a break - now we just need Nestlé to do the same.






Someone adds a bit more information to this poster for the contest to win an 'Ultimate Break' from KitKat. Who deserves an "ultimate break"? The orang-utan - obviously.

This Greenpeace KitKat campaign has attracted an unprecedented level of support from people like you - both online and offline.

Since we began on March 17th approximately 1.5 million people have watched the original KitKat ad spoof that launched the campaign and over 300.000 people have sent e-mails directly to Nestlé asking them to give the orang-utan a break. And thousands of you have spread the news through your Tweets, Facebook updates and other social network profiles.

We'll keep asking for that break, as we keep working to protect Indonesian rainforests and carbon-rich peatlands and we'll need your continuing support to do it - more soon!

In the meantime:

Watch the video that started it all - again! (Then enjoy the slightly more avant-garde German version.)

Or boast about your involvement in the KitKat campaign on Facebook.

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