You may have seen A Cleaner Future's Instant Oil Spill already, but if you haven't, it's a way to create a virtual oil spill on any website. Unlike a real spill, it cleans up instantly and does no real damage. It's a super way to get the word out to friends about what a clean energy future can look like, by graphically illustrating the dirty energy present at its worst.  (Don't just watch the spill, click the link!)

So I reckon we should nominate the top 5 sites that deserve a spill.

Let's start with  Tony Hayward's Wikipedia page.

Or How about Exxon Mobil's Spill Preventiion page?

Don't forget Transocean's website.

Or Haliburton.

Who do YOU think deserves a black mark? Go to and enter a URL to send your own plume, and leave a link in the comments.

(And Yep, we really need to get clickable links in comments working don't we? One of the joys of a new website, like any large technical project, is there's always gremlins. But hey, at least our technical gremlins don't release deadly toxins into fragile environments.)