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  • Little Monsters: going back to school

    Blogpost by Helena Meresman - 28 August, 2014 at 17:02 2 comments

    Shopping For School Clothes Parents and their two children shop for new school clothes. Greenpeace is campaigning to Detox the textile industry of hazardous chemicals such as polyflourinated chemicals (PFCs), a substance often used to make clothes and other products stain and water resistant. As a result of the campaign 20 fashion companies have committed to eliminate hazardous chemicals from their products. 08/21/2014 © John Novis / Greenpeace

    Back to school time is upon us again. At this time of the year parents everywhere reveal their true nature: there is the excited and optimistic kind, longing for the school activities as a relief from a busy summer; and the I-am-not ready-for-autumn... Read more >

  • Too eager to drill for Arctic oil

    Blogpost by Erlend Tellnes - 28 August, 2014 at 17:00 1 comment

    Esperanza and Crew Protest Statoil Commissioned. 08/27/2014 © Nick Cobbing / Greenpeace

    Greenpeace's ship, the Esperanza, is still on station in the Arctic to expose renewed Norwegian efforts to drill for oil in this pristine environment.

    Last week we successfully headed off attempts by an oil company to complete controversial seismic... Read more >

  • You are footing the bill for coal companies; some are losing a lot of money

    Blogpost by Marina Lou - 28 August, 2014 at 15:00

    Open-pit Coal Mine in Kalimantan. 11/25/2012 © Kemal Jufri / Greenpeace

    You know that person who is always asking friends or family to help him pay his bills? You know the type, the guy who never seems to have his wallet, and always seems to forget to forget to pay you back?

    Coal companies like Bumi Resources in Indone... Read more >

  • The writing's on the wall, now act on it!

    Blogpost by Kaisa Kosonen - 28 August, 2014 at 14:00 1 comment

    Greenpeace Action at Petersberg Climate Dialogue in Berlin. 07/14/2014 © Gordon Welters / Greenpeace

    News stories are circulating about a draft IPCC climate science report – a summary report for policymakers – which condenses three full reports of climate research. The summary report will officially be released in early November, but the bottom lin... Read more >

  • If it wasn't for us, the oil companies would be totally out of control

    Blogpost by Laura Kenyon - 26 August, 2014 at 17:45

    Laura Kenyon, Greenpeace media coordinator (Canada) takes part in a cleaning operation outside Usinsk in Komi Republic. 08/20/2014 © Denis Sinyakov / Greenpeace

    Come and spend two weeks traveling the oil fields of the Komi Republic and you can see two hundred different places contaminated in one way or another by the oil industry: rivers, swamps, forests, and green fields.

    Many of the locals you meet will ... Read more >

  • Don't forget about the people

    Blogpost by Madalina Preda - 26 August, 2014 at 17:00 2 comments

    Human Chain against Coal Neisse River Crossing. 08/23/2014 © Gordon Welters / Greenpeace

    This past weekend thousands of people joined hands to form an eight-kilometer Human Chain across the border of Germany and Poland to protest against lignite coal mining in the area.

    30 different nationalities traveled from cities all over Europe to... Read more >

  • Communities in conflict: Lignite mining on the Poland-Germany border

    Blogpost by Helle Abelvik-Lawson - 26 August, 2014 at 15:00

    Coal Power Plant Jaenschwalde in Germany Open pit mining at Jaenschwalde 05/16/2014 © Christian Mang / Greenpeace

    Janina Dziadez's farmhouse in the village of Biecz is surrounded by old red-brick barns and the 79 year old's immaculately-kept garden. She moved here with her husband in 1954 and the farm houses four generations of the matriarch's family.

    But Biec... Read more >

  • FSC puts business interests first

    Blogpost by Asti Roesle - 26 August, 2014 at 11:15

    People on a Road in DRC Rainforest. 03/14/2008  © Thomas Einberger / argum / Greenpeace

    As a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in Switzerland, as well as a Greenpeace campaigner focused on doing everything I can to protect our planet's last untouched forests, I am alarmed that FSC has already decided to allow Swiss-German ... Read more >

  • Documenting Seismic testing Barents Sea. 08/19/2014 © Nick Cobbing / Greenpeace

    As Norway pushes further into the Arctic with offshore oil drilling, the corresponding environmental risks have increased significantly.

    The Barents Sea is one of the richest, most unique marine ecosystems in the world, with remarkable concentratio... Read more >

  • FSC is failing to protect Russia's intact forest landscapes

    Blogpost by Alexey Yaroshenko - 21 August, 2014 at 10:00

    Road adjacent to large clearcut inside Dvinsky Forest (IFL) in the Solombabales (Boretskaya) concession area. 06/01/2012 © Greenpeace

    As one of the main contributors to our latest report on the role that the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has been playing in the destruction of some of Russia's last intact forest landscapes, I must respond to FSC's statement.

    For many years I ha... Read more >

  • Join the human chain to fight an environmental crime

    Blogpost by Meri Pukarinen - 20 August, 2014 at 11:30 7 comments

    Aerial of the brown coal (lignite) open pit mine in Jaenschwalde near Cottbus. Village Griessen next to coal mine. 07/29/2008 © Greenpeace / J Henry Fair

    Who wants to dig up entire villages, destroy livelihoods and lock in emissions making climate catastrophe a certainty? Surely some corrupted failed state in the developing world? Think again. This is the aim of the self-proclaimed global climate lea... Read more >

  • Norway in sneak attack on the Arctic

    Blogpost by Sune Scheller - 18 August, 2014 at 17:00 2 comments

    Greenpeace Esperanza - Arctic Ship Tour 2014. 06/02/2014 © Greenpeace

    The Esperanza has been in Svalbard, in the Arctic, for a few weeks now and we recently became aware of something urgent and disturbing. A seismic company called Dolphin Geophysical, commissioned by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, has begun seis... Read more >

  • A glimmer of hope?

    Blogpost by Jon Burgwald - 16 August, 2014 at 17:00 1 comment

    Russia Oil Spill Patrol in Komi Republic. 08/14/2014 © Denis Sinyakov / Greenpeace

    Two years have passed since I last visited Komi, a region in the Northern part of Russia. Throughout my years at Greenpeace, very few places – if any – have left such a lasting impression on me. I am certain other places across our fragile planet ar... Read more >

  • Apple takes first steps to Detox its manufacturing supply chain

    Blogpost by Yixiu Wu - 15 August, 2014 at 12:54 2 comments

    Toxics Analysis on Apple iPhone. 07/12/2007 © Greenpeace / Will Rose

    China is often referred to as the world's factory; manufacturing more than half of all the computers and mobile phones produced worldwide. Living in China and working for Greenpeace, I have seen first-hand the destructive impacts this industry can h... Read more >

  • Why do oil companies in Russia waste oil rather than repair rusty pipelines?

    Blogpost by Maria Favorskaya - 14 August, 2014 at 17:30

    Russia Oil Spill Patrol in Komi Republic. 08/10/2014 © Denis Sinyakov / Greenpeace

    Oil companies have nothing to lose from spills in Russia according to Vladimir Chuprov, head of the Greenpeace Russia Energy Programme. "Fines are negligible while the legislation is full of loopholes. That is why it is easier for the oil companies ... Read more >

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