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  • Eiffel Tower Action!

    Blogpost by Brian Fitzgerald - 29 January, 2007 at 17:48 5 comments

    It took 44 activists, 100 metres of rope, and 500 square metres of fabric:


    The message is timed to coincide with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) meeting in Paris this week, which is set to conclude its fourth assessment of th... Read more >

  • Bush chills with MSN pals

    Blogpost by Brian Fitzgerald - 25 January, 2007 at 21:30

    Savaglio/TBWA, an ad agency in Argentina, recently tendered for some work with us. Tucked onto a CD chuck full of good ideas ranging from an entire TV series concept to new T-shirt designs, they included this minty-cool piece of digital candy as a pre... Read more >

  • Prehistoric deep-sea shark dies in fishtank

    Blogpost by Adele - 24 January, 2007 at 15:12 15 comments

    (With thanks to our shark-loving IT guru Mats for bringing this to my attention). Read more >

    Ancient Shark
    The ancient shark © Awashima Marine Park
    A Japanese Marine Park has released rare footage of a prehistoric deep-sea shark (a predecessor of the current model, I presume,...
  • Chinese rap about ewaste

    Blogpost by Brian Fitzgerald - 24 January, 2007 at 11:36 2 comments

    Check out this amazing animation. A Chinese rap video about e-waste. One of the best things I've seen in ages, and a nice message from the folks at the receiving end of our throw-away gadget stream. Amazingly, no understanding of Chinese required,... Read more >

  • Green grocers?

    Blogpost by tom - 24 January, 2007 at 11:02

    In yesterday's Guardian there's was an interesting column by George Monbiot on the recent green announcements from leading supermarkets. Personally I'm often in two mind when reading Monbiot's columns. He often makes some really good points but also s... Read more >

  • Frode PleymBy Iwona, in Iceland

    "We are back in business with about 100 tons of excellent eco-friendly whale meat and blubber ready for the market.", said Kristjan Loftsson to the Telegraph, after concluding his first commercial whale hunt in Iceland in late Octo... Read more >

  • Sir Edmund Hillary calls for whale protection

    Blogpost by Andrew - 21 January, 2007 at 19:42

    When someone sent me an email titled, "Hillary criticizes whaling", I immediately jumped to the conclusion it was Senator Hillary Clinton. But instead it was the the famed explorer Sir Edmund Hillary who, on what he is calling his final trip to Antar... Read more >

  • We make the list: 59 Smartest Orgs Online

    Blogpost by Adele - 19 January, 2007 at 12:17

    Defending Our Oceans has garnered Greenpeace a place in the 59 Smartest Orgs online as chosen by GetActive, NetSquared and Squidoo (founded by everyone's favourite marketing guru, Seth Godin). They say:

    "These are organizations that give their volunte... Read more >

  • Exxon: has Climate Criminal #1 seen the light?

    Blogpost by brianfit - 18 January, 2007 at 17:49 2 comments

    A couple years back, our intrepid Greenpeace US research team -- through their work on the ExxonSecrets website -- exposed the role that Exxon-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) was playing in trying to ensure Global Warming didn't impact U... Read more >

  • In memory of Richard Watson

    Blogpost by Dave - 18 January, 2007 at 0:54

    First posted by Tracy, over on the UK blog:


    Richard Ian Watson

    16 January 1965 - 15 January 2007

    Richard, known at "Watty" to his many friends around the world, died Monday after a two year struggle with illness. Richard was dedicated to taking action fo... Read more >

  • Happy MLK Day!

    Blogpost by Andrew - 15 January, 2007 at 17:00 1 comment

    In the US this is Martian Luther King day. Aside from George Washington, King is the only American who has their own federal holiday. Though it's one of the less often mentioned ones, my favorite King quote is: Read more >

    It may be true that the law cannot make...
  • Bad press day for Icelandic whalers

    Blogpost by Brian Fitzgerald - 11 January, 2007 at 16:58 3 comments

    Oh dear. It's being reported in the Icelandic newspaper Frettabladid that 179 tons worth of the 7 endangered fin whales that where caught last fall have been buried in a land fill.

    The whaling industry is claiming this is "entrails and bones," but G... Read more >

  • Read more >
  • Seeing Steve

    Blogpost by tom - 11 January, 2007 at 11:24

    Our toxic campaigner Martin is at Macworld and reports on what Steve didn't say in his keynote address:

    It was a long day. Waking up at 6 AM to get to the Moscone center for the Keynote speech of Steve Jobs. But I was still getting more sleep than many... Read more >

  • The MacWorld keynote we've all been wating for

    Blogpost by Andrew - 9 January, 2007 at 19:29 1 comment

    YouTube video

    We sliced and diced and re-voiced this version of Steve Job's keynote speech to turn it into the one we're all hoping for. Hope you enjoy.

    Of course I don't know what Job's is actually going to say in there. What if he commits to actually greening Ap... Read more >

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