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  • Unusual Xmas gifts

    Blogpost by Andrew - 3 December, 2007 at 12:43

    WEBfinal-paradise_forest_tr.jpg Greenpeace Australia has launched a gift giving website for the holiday season where you can buy stuff more interesting than t-shirts and other normal Greenpeace gifts. (Although we all still like t-shirts.)

    Pictured at left is the Protection for one ... Read more >

  • Video: Overfishing threatens Pacific tuna

    Blogpost by Lisa - 3 December, 2007 at 6:58 1 comment

    Just found this excellent little news piece by Al Jazeera on Pacific tuna specifically shot in Guam this summer. Check it out!

    Read more >

  • The Big Eye is on Guam

    Blogpost by Lisa - 2 December, 2007 at 10:30 3 comments


    Not too long ago I remember reading that fish stocks in the Pacific were relatively healthy and that it was the only region in the world where tuna was not being overfished. But a lot has changed in just a few years and scientists are now saying that ... Read more >

  • Dark forces at work against lightbulb stardards

    Blogpost by eoin - 28 November, 2007 at 11:40 2 comments
    n522192045_477107_7540.jpg reported the other day that a Californian electricity company is lobbying the US Congress not to ban energy-wasting incandescent lightbulbs. Southern California Edison were forced to reveal that they spent over half a million dollars, in on... Read more >

  • Here we go again

    Blogpost by Martin Lloyd - 27 November, 2007 at 20:06 7 comments

    Today Greenpeace launched a new edition of the electronics ranking guide. This time we've added some new types of hardware (games consoles and TVs) and as a result some new manufacturers (Philips, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sharpe, and Panasonic). Since, on... Read more >

  • Mister Splashy Pants Fan

    Blogpost by Richard - 27 November, 2007 at 17:24 68 comments

    Graph of Mister Splashy Pants Fan's ClickingThanks to our friends over at BoingBoing and Reddit, Mr Splashy Pants is in the lead for the Greenpeace name-a-whale competition. What isn't so well known is the identity of the unsung hero that made it all possible. We don't know all the details but ... Read more >

  • Dear Ms. Yamaguchi, about your whale curry...

    Blogpost by brianfit - 27 November, 2007 at 10:46 2 comments

    AFP reports:

    A Japanese company said Tuesday it would start offering whale curry in its takeaway business lunches, as the country pursues its controversial whale hunt in the Antarctic.

    Asian Lunch, which says it sells 1,000-1,500 lunch boxes daily in To... Read more >

  • Recycle, then revolt

    Blogpost by Andrew - 26 November, 2007 at 18:03

    Just stumbled across a good post about how that if all of us that really care about the future could just live a little more ethically - we'd still be doomed.

    So many organizations put the focus on changing lightbulbs, recycling and other helpful, sens... Read more >

  • Vote for worst EU greenwash and lobbying awards

    Blogpost by Andrew - 26 November, 2007 at 12:54

    You've only got one more day to help pick who gets the named as the lowest of the low. Vote here.

    Oh but it is sooo hard to choose! Should I say ExxonMobile for, "purporting it is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions while in reality its emissions ar... Read more >

  • Canadian polar bears hurt by ice loss

    Blogpost by Andrew - 26 November, 2007 at 12:32

    Life is hard for the world's largest land carnivore, and getting harder. Even though they're named Ursus maritimus for their swimming ability, a new study has confirmed that without the ice they're in trouble. From the latest Nature: Read more >

    A census of pola...
  • Stripping down for a nuke free Middle-East

    Blogpost by Andrew - 22 November, 2007 at 12:43 2 comments

    Half naked with banner.

    Excerpts from the Greenpeace Mediterranean press release: Read more >

    The activists exposed themselves seconds before the president of Israel, Shimon Peres, started his speech in the Tel-Aviv University. Greenpeace activists opened three big banners reading "Stri...
  • Do gooders at Eurostar give Guardian excuse to slam greenwash

    Blogpost by Andrew - 21 November, 2007 at 11:55 2 comments

    Ok, no big surprise that taking the train is massively better for the climate than flying. But the folks at Eurostar took it a step further. The Guardian uses their good example to take some poor performers to task: Read more >

    Last Wednesday, November 14, was a b...
  • Solar powered radio from 1956

    Blogpost by Andrew - 21 November, 2007 at 11:22 2 comments

    Ad copy, click for larger.

    Modern Mechanix (slogan - "Yesterday's tomorrow, today") found this ad in a 1956 copy of Popular Electronics:

    Sun-Powered Receiver

    An experimental pocket-sized radio receiver, powered by energy from the sun, weighs only 10 ounces and will work more than... Read more >

  • Getting there

    Blogpost by Martin Lloyd - 20 November, 2007 at 17:28 1 comment

    Reading my favourite technology website I find a piece on Gordon Brown's energy policy, his recent speech on climate change and what may be a commitment to a broader target on renewables.

    I also know that our UK office has been heavily engaged with the... Read more >

  • Climate message in a bottle

    Blogpost by tom - 19 November, 2007 at 17:28 1 comment

    We've just launched a collaborative video where you can urge your politicians to take urgent climate action at a vital December UN climate meeting in Bali.

    So watch, enjoy, record and respond to be part of a Greenpeace video:

    Everything you need to know... Read more >

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