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  • Twelve activists, from eight countries, have managed to get inside the security perimiter of a nuclear power plant at Belleville Sur Loire in France and scale the cooling tower. Notable in this video (in French) is the complete lack of any security p... Read more >

  • Mapping our losses

    Blogpost by Martin Lloyd - 27 March, 2007 at 16:23

    For some time I've been looking for software that will produce maps of the world where the size of territories is distorted by some relevant metric (population, carbon emissions, GDP per head etc). Now I've found the World Mapper project, which while ... Read more >

  • Life-sized Blue Whale banner

    Blogpost by brianfit - 23 March, 2007 at 10:08 2 comments


    Want a glimpse of just how big a Blue Whale is? Check out this "life-sized" Blue Whale banner from The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

    This is an extremely cool concept: it's really, really hard to visualize how big these creatures are.

    In a li... Read more >

  • The planet has a fever

    Blogpost by Martin Lloyd - 22 March, 2007 at 11:57 2 comments

    Yesterday Al Gore got to do what so many of us want to do and laid out the truth on global warming to sceptics in the US congress. His questioner had ten minutes, of which 9 minutes and 41 seconds were used to attack Gore, leaving 19 seconds response.... Read more >

  • Captain's blog stardate -316217.69: Mike's Week

    Blogpost by brianfit - 21 March, 2007 at 11:45 4 comments

    Mike Fincken is aboard the Rainbow Warrior as part of the Middle East Peace tour. Here's his personal blog of a week in his life:

    Wednesday 07 March

    On the last of the four flights connecting Cape Town to Aden I awoke to the shaking of the airplane mov... Read more >

  • Global warming terrorist plot

    Blogpost by Andrew - 20 March, 2007 at 21:30 1 comment

    Funny post on boingboing today on scary but unlikely terrorist plots. My favorite (of course): Read more >

    Terrorists could infiltrate the world's car companies and manufacture large, fuel-inefficient vehicles like Hummers. Once America has gone all SUV, the resul...
  • The heights of insanity

    Blogpost by brianfit - 20 March, 2007 at 14:28 1 comment

    You have to ask what drives someone to climb a 250 metre (820-foot) smokestack to make a statement. But then you have to ask what drives society to spend money converting power stations to coal when we know our planet is choking on CO2.

    Here's an unus... Read more >

  • A t-shirt says 'Tony loves WMDs'

    It's all been rather anti-climatic really. We didn't expect yesterday's vote to replace the UK's nuclear weapons would be defeated, so there was no surprise when Tony Blair got his way and the vote to replace Trident went through. Tony gets to go ahea... Read more >

  • Skewered on a Trident

    Blogpost by Martin Lloyd - 15 March, 2007 at 11:15 2 comments

    I got a letter from the government the other day.... It was in response to a petition I'd signed asking the UK government not to go ahead with the plans for a Trident replacement system. I don't know how many people signed the petition but it's probab... Read more >

  • NYT - Whaling: A Japanese obsession with American roots

    Blogpost by Andrew - 14 March, 2007 at 13:10

    That's the title of an article in today's New York Times. From the article: Read more >

    Historically, fishermen in coastal towns, like Taiji in southwestern Japan, hunted whales in nearby waters. But things changed after the Commodore Perry’s so-called Black Ship...
  • Russian forestry agency launches investigation into illegal logging

    Blogpost by Jamie - 13 March, 2007 at 20:24

    Activists being removed from their blockade of the Stora Enso headquarters in Helsinki

    We have some good news from Russia or, at least, the potential for good news.

    Back in September, our Partners in Crime report revealed how Finland is importing vast quantities of timber logged illegally in neighbouring Russia. According to federal law,... Read more >

  • Iran's nuclear money

    Blogpost by Richard - 13 March, 2007 at 18:48

    By Mike Townsley

    Money, money, money ... it makes the world go around. Iran yesterday issued a new bank note emblazoned with the standard nuclear insignia of electrons whizzing around an atomic nucleus, like New York diplomats orbiting the UN Security ... Read more >

  • How to get a job with Greenpeace

    Blogpost by Martin Lloyd - 12 March, 2007 at 14:42 2 comments

    Some hints if you are applying for a job at Greenpeace Read more >

    • Do take the time to write a cover letter, preferably one that explains why you want the job . Working for us is a big step, if you've not thought about it properly we're not interested
    • Do not write ...
  • The Blacklist of Illegal Fishing Vessels

    Blogpost by Martin Lloyd - 12 March, 2007 at 10:09

    A while ago I wrote about how I'd been learning all about IUU fishing. That's Illegal, unregulated and unreported fisheries. It's one of the biggest threats to the world's fish stocks, which is why it's better to refer to it by the less bureaucratic n... Read more >

  • Kathy Sierra loves her Mac. She just wishes it came in green.

    Blogpost by brianfit - 11 March, 2007 at 3:23

    Kathy Sierra is a visionary among web and applications developers, who includes gratuitous puppy pictures in her presentations. She claims they induce a chemical response in the brains of her audience that make them pay better attention. I think she... Read more >

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