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  • Amazon Parachute

    Blogpost by Dave - 11 May, 2006 at 14:11

    © Greenpeace / Daniel Beltra

    Greenpeace activist parachutes over a deforested area in Belterra, in the west region of Para state, with the message "100% Crime", to protest against the soy expansion which is leading illegal deforestation, land grabb... Read more >

  • Alaska pipeline being shut down due to corrosion

    Blogpost by Dave - 11 May, 2006 at 13:52

    Two oil pipelines on Alaska's North Slope are going to be shut down because of internal corrosion. At least something's happening - this was the cause of a huge spill earlier this year in the aging Prudhoe Bay oil field.

    "The line was not producing a c... Read more >

  • 1/3 of Great Bear Rainforest now protected!

    Blogpost by Dave - 8 February, 2006 at 18:42 1 comment

    Great news - the provincial government of British Columbia in Canada has announced the protection of 2 million hectares of ancient forest, and strict ecological management for the rest. A massive 33 per cent of the rainforest will be permanently prot... Read more >

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