Our activists in Sweden are still at it, working tirelessly as seed season approaches to stop the planting of the Amflora GM potato. Last week, we told you about the blockade and occupation of the potato warehouse and the arrest of activists earlier this week.

The next day, Wednesday, we invited the local community to an information session to make sure they were aware of the risks of Amflora. Many of them were not aware of the weak risk assessment and were shocked to find out about the reckless approval.

Early this morning, the activists were back on the spot and formed a blockade of the warehouse holding Amflora again. This time, the police were called immediately and arrived just four hours later to take the activists into custody - they have since been released.

We are back at the warehouse once again, this time to continue our watch and bear witness as soon as BASF tries to bring out the GM-potato. But we can’t do this alone, we need YOUR help now.

TAKE ACTION! Please ask the Swedish government to ban the cultivation of Amflora - just like other european countries already have.

Check out the action at the potato warehouse and the contamination debacle BASF was responsible for last year in Sweden.

Images - © Greenpeace