Time to kick back with a cold gif, throw a couple of logos on the creative fires, open up a jar of culture jam, turn on the Photoshop and bar-b-cue something for the Green my Apple campaign:


Tom Dowdall had the great idea of offering logo, video and images under a Creative Commons license at the Green my Apple site for Applehacks to dig into. (I had planned on putting one of the kids who sort through junk in China into this, but in the end stuck with a strict use of the design elements of the original ad)

We've been talking about using CC licenses more at Greenpeace, but this is the first time we've actually done so, AFAIK.

Hope somebody good with Final Cut (or Premier ;-] ) tackles some of the video material Tom has made available. Mashed up with Apple Ads, these could make for some emotive and informative stuff.