Happy Valentines! Some members of the Amsterdam whales cyber team and some staff hit the streets today - passing out roses and Valentines Day cards to Japanese tourists. Each card had a whale friendly Valentines Day poem written by Greenpeace supporters here in the Netherlands (but in English) and a link to the Whale Love Wagon site. Thanks to Naomi, Genevieve, Eoin, Giona, Marcio, Page and Aida for turning out.

It rained the whole time, so tourists in general were pretty scarce. At first, the going was pretty tough. The tourists probably thought we were selling the flowers (you get a lot of that here).

But after we put on Greenpeace jackets things got easier. Once they realized what we were doing most were curious and friendly. These two told me they had eaten whale when they were very young, but not any more. It's just not popular.

They also told me flowers are not popular gifts on February 14th in Japan. Chocolate is best.

There were Whale Love activities in 28 countries today.

Read more. See the photos. A few more from from Amsterdam...