Greenpeace activists, made a giant Ban the Bulb message in the River Ganges, using lifebelts. The communication took place in Kolkata, one of the many coastal cities in India under threat from rising sea levels, as a result of climate change.

Simply by banning the energy wasting incandescent (traditional) lightbulb, India could save a massive 55 million tonnes of CO2, cutting their overall emissions by 4%. Email the Indian Minister of Power asking him to do just this.

Greenpeace’s flagship the Rainbow Warrior is on its way to Kolkata, from there it will sail to the Sunderbans, to highlight how vulnerable this ecologically sensitive region is to sea level rise.

Energy wasting lightbulbs are outrageously inefficient - they throw away 97 per cent of the energy they consume. An altogether better option has been available for 30 years, the energy saving lightbulb, which uses just one fifth of the energy of the incandescent, and lasts on average up to 8 times longer.

One thing in the climate crisis is clear; there is no time to waste. So what’s holding up such a simple switch?