Today is known as "Blue Monday" in the UK because it is apparently the most depressing day of the year. It's likely to be raining (and as I look at the window of the Greenpeace International office in Amsterdam - it is!) and more people commit suicide today in the UK than any other day of the year! Yesterday there were calls for the day to be banned as it only encourages depressing thoughts but I have an idea! Why don't we take this opportunity to give Blue Monday a new meaning altogether? What else does the colour blue make you think of without feeling sad? What could we use "Blue Monday" to celebrate? My suggestion would be to make today about celebrating whales and the oceans that they live in. I've been meaning to post this amazing footage of humpback whales on here for sometime now and what better day is there to seize for this? After watching this video there is absolutely no way you could still be feeling depressed!

It's made by Andrew Stevenson who is a friend of mine in Bermuda. He has spent hundreds of hours in the water with these majestic creatures and is now passionate about raising awareness about the plight of all whales, especially the ones being killed in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Thankfully, at least humpback whales are safe from Japanese harpoons for now...

On December 22nd, the Japanese government backed down in the face of pressure from Greenpeace supporters, whale advocates, and conservation-minded governments, announcing that they would not hunt humpbacks this season. But rather than reducing the number of whales being killed in the Southern Ocean it looks like the Government of Japan is going to kill a lot more. Plans are emerging for the construction of a new factory ship that will be even bigger than the Nisshin Maru and be able to go on killing thousands of whales over the decades to come. It is also clear that Japan wishes to overturn the moratorium on commercial whaling. With climate change, ship strikes, entanglement in fishing gear already threatening the whales, the last thing they need is to be shot and killed with exploding harpoons.

I think Blue Monday could be used not only to celebrate whales and the oceans but also as a day of action - a day where people stand up for our flippered friends instead of hiding under the covers feeling depressed about the weather! A blue day where we take some time to think about our blue planet, celebrate what she gives to us, and put a stop to taking what we don't really need.

You can start giving Blue Monday a new meaning right now by doing two things!

1) Tell Japan to toss any plans for a new factory whaling ship in the bin where they belong!

2) Call for a global network of marine reserves that will help whales, sharks and fish!