Here in the UK this week the Guardian newspaper has been trumpeting its exclusive extracts from a new book by George Monbiot, campaigner and columnist extraordinaire. It probably won't rate alongside The Hitler Diaries in terms of literary scoops but the book, Heat, looks like a goodie.

It examines how Exxon Mobil is behind all those bodies and foundations that have been discrediting the science behind climate change. Hardly revolutionary stuff, but more interesting are the links with the tobacco industry who pioneered exactly the same campaigning techniques to try and nobble any suggestions that smoking might cause cancer.

Monbiot's claim that such faffing around may have set back climate change action by a decade is alarming but probably not too far off the mark - just consider how often politicians and corporations make bold claims about their commitment to the environment without actually doing anything about it.

And there's a website (of course there is) but as well as being a bit of a plug for the book, there's some meat to it, exposing who Monbiot considers to be greenwashers (high profile people who talk the talk but don't walk the walk) and bluffers (those who just don't give a damn).

Reading the roasting Chris Martin gets for hopping around the globe in a private jet was wickedly delicious and we can all have fun crashing the Coldplay fan forum with questions about Chris' airmiles.