The latest Platts International Coal Report ran a story about our work in Asia. Although I wouldn't call the article "favorable", it's always great to see an industry publication covering our work, and they did give fair comment to Greenpeace staff. Plus, you've got to love that headline:

Greenpeace leads steady attempt to banish coal into insignificance

Largely considered a hard-line, fringe group until more than a decade ago, global environmental advocacy group Greenpeace is now looming large over the coal industry, arguing that increasing coal usage is not a cheaper or a strategic option in the long-term even for developing countries in Asia as the fuel becomes increasingly regulated amid a climate change debate.

Greenpeace campaigners and their supporters are veterans at hogging the media spotlight, even as critics dismiss them as a bunch of noisy dullards who have to speed read about climate change science. Greenpeace demonstrators have brandished combative anti-coal banners to protest coal meetings in Asia, occupied helipads of power company headquarters, disrupted annual general meetings of energy firms, and helped to organize tens of thousands of people to halt proposed power projects.

Greenpeace is now part of mainstream consciousness such that even cinema sensation Hugh Grant, in the 2003 movie "About A Boy," acting as a wealthy deadbeat in his mid-30s, pretended to have volunteered for Greenpeace in his attempt to woo his latest target, a single mom (Rachel Weisz) with a 12-year-old son.

In 2005, one of Greenpeace’s three ships, the Rainbow Warrior, whose name the group said was inspired by a North American Indian prophecy which foretells a time when human greed will make the earth sick, blockaded the world’s largest coal harbor, Newcastle, in Australia, the world’s largest coal exporter.

The Netherlands-registered vessel was impounded but has since sailed away to pursue the group’s other so-called "Asia Energy Revolution" campaigns.

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Oh, and can someone pass this on to Hugh Grant. Imagine he'll also be quite pleased to know he's big with the coal industry.