© Greenpeace/Pedro Armestre

Top news: Spain’s east coast suffers from expanding infrastructure; forest fires in Russia are leaving a trail of destruction; Australian dog takes on sharks.

#Oceans: Barcelona announced an expansion plan for its port. A number of port expansion plans are in progress at the moment, seriously threatening the Spanish coastal environment. Greenpeace has warned that the expansion plans will also negatively affect tourism and fishing industries. The expansion plan is in response to an increase in residential tourism that has led to a high demand for land alongside the coast.

#Forests: Russia is having difficulty keeping forest fires under control, with authorities reacting too slowly to the growing threat. Drought and the current heat wave have already claimed 60.000 m2 of forests over the last months. It seems like the dramatic situation that caused the deaths of 50 people in 2010 is repeating itself because of inadequate measurements by the Russian Government. Greenpeace warned to the Russian authorities in May about the likely repetition of catastrophic wildfires this summer.

#Viral: Video footage of a dog biting a shark underwater on the Australian coast has become a hit on Internet. A very daring action you could say. Apparently it worked, because the shark was probably too flabbergasted to take revenge. He must have felt intimated of not being the only ‘jaws’ in the water anymore.