sean-clingfilm.jpgA shameless plug now for a friend of mine who braved London's Milennium Bridge wrapped in cling film to promote his new campaign against global warming. Earth Fire Ice co-founders Sean Cornwell and Ed Stumpf have set off to compete in temperatures ranging from +40C down to -30C in the world’s hottest and coldest marathons – in the Sahara and at the North Pole (and before you ask, their flights are being offset by PureTrust, the carbon offsetting charity).

If you're not athletic, they've got us geeks covered too. This is the world’s first online campaign to drive awareness and action from individuals against global warming using pledges displayed on a specially designed Google Maps integration. AND they will even be blogging and uploading content to the EarthFireIce website from both marathons, and undertaking media interviews live by satellite telephone.

Sign up at their website, make a pledge, and read Sean's frank blog to find out how difficult it is to launch a campaign and train for two marathons in 7 weeks - and I thought that Defending Our Oceans was a challenge, thank God they didn't make me swim the English channel or something in the process!