On June 12 -13 Italians have the opportunity to say no! to nuclear power in their country. Berlusconi's government has plans for 4 new reactors - but the people have demanded a referendum on the issue of nuclear energy. Surveys show that a majority of Italians are against it however, if less than 50% of the population participates, the referendum will be invalid, regardless the outcome.

I am currently in Japan and have just visited the area around Fukushima where radiation levels are dangerously high. Please watch this short video to learn more about what life is like for Japanese people in the region today. This should never happen - not in Ukraine, not in Japan and certainly not in la Bella Italia.... In the aftermath of Chernobyl in 1987, the Italian government wisely decided to abandon nuclear power. Nuclear energy is never safe - keep it out of Italy. If you know someone who can vote in Italy please encourage them do so.

thanks, Kumi