screenshot Two weeks ago we posted this gentle call-to-action on our Eric Schmidt webpage in the Cool IT ranking of top IT executives:

GetSatisfaction is a website where people leave feedback for companies - questions, problems, praise even. 21 Google employees are registered with the website, and they often respond to feedback there. Every climate-related inquiry or comment there helps keep the pressure on Google...

Well, lots of people have taken up the challenge, and Google employee Neil Fraser is posting replies to the green IT questions as they come in. The questions regarding Copenhagen however -- like this one -- are unanswered.

Eric Schmidt has significant pull with the White House, not just on technology issues but climate change policy too. Google's CEO would earn a lot of respect internationally if he would just call on Obama to go to Copenhagen.

Last month Google's CEO interviewed the US Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu at the Google headquarters in California. Eric Schmidt briefly referred to Copenhagen during their conversation, and Google is engaged in the US climate debate (PDF).

But when we've asked Google to call on Obama to go to Copenhagen -- so far -- there's only been silence. Feel free to join in (you can reply to a Copenhagen-related question, or post a fresh one yourself).