Despite being evicted yesterday from Mac Expo we returned today undeterred from our mission to spread the word for a Greener Apple and get Mac users involved to help change Apple for the better.

Not being allowed inside meant we handed out our information to visitors outside the venue tube station and on the pavement outside the venue. Several Mac fans showed their wholehearted support by giving our green version of the Mac Guy a hug. Several young Mac fans leaving the Expo took a t-shirt to spread the word for a Greener Apple at their next destination – the Regents Street Apple store. I wonder if they will be allowed in?

Several journalists were interested why we were evicted yesterday and who would want us out of the Expo. One Italian journalist took our t-shirt to wear inside but was refused entry by security unless he changed his shirt. Seems they are really determined to not let even journalists or members of the public in with a Green my Apple t-shirt. What a shame it appears that no one is allowed to have a Green my Apple t-shirt in a Mac Expo?

At one point some plain clothes and uniform police arrived to say the organisers had called the police to claim we where throwing apples at passers by – of course this was obviously not true. After a friendly chat the officers left with an organic apple and wondering who had called them and wasted their time.

To satisfy my curiosity of what had happen to our expensive stall I changed out of my t-shirt to take a look inside the Expo that I wasn't allowed to be at. One nice woman handing out MacWorld materials who I had chatted to yesterday at the stall was disappointed we had been thrown out, "it's such a shame that a stall with a positive message for a Greener Apple had been chucked out". Ahame it seems Apple really doesn't want the sort of editorial that appears in this edition of Mac User magazine in support of the campaign. Our stall was looking very sad and empty.

Mac World published an article yesterday quoting only the Chief of Expo Security on why he evicted us. Unfortunately the article didn't have our side of the story but I hear Mac World will be doing a follow up with our perspective on the Expo events.

In the afternoon we departed by tube, along with our Green Mac Guy who again caused much interest. In the 5 min tube ride, 3 more Mac Expo visitors asked about our Green Mac guy and left the tube giving the campaign the thumbs up. Never let a chance to get the message out pass you by, I say!

Maybe next time it will be an Apple exec on the tube, I wonder if Steve ever rides the tube?

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