Stick a few bullheaded, single-minded, action-oriented Greenpeace oceans campaigners in a suit or a smart outfit, and send them into the hallowed halls of a cautious, diplomatic, slow-moving United Nations agency like the Food and Agricultural Organization in Rome. Mix them in with a bunch of scientists who know precisely the urgency of saving our oceans but can only watch helplessly as Fisheries Ministers struggle to find compromise between industry lobbyists who want no action and industry lobbyists who can tolerate a little. Add a few dozen genuinely dedicated individuals who hate watching the wheels of global action grinding slowly while the oceans are plundered by pirates who not only go unpunished, but are often rewarded with subsidies. It would be understandable if outbreaks of subversive behavior would happen.

In the case documented below by an anonymous tipster, it would appear that the public access computers provided outside the meeting rooms at the Food and Agricultural Organization -- charged with looking after our oceans and dealing with problems like pirate fishing -- have been converted into message boards for a simpler message, and a more direct form of action, than the delegates may be accustomed to.

Why look. That's Greenpeace taking action and actually *stopping* a pirate!


This guerilla wallpaper will doubtless be the subject of a resolution to strike a committee to investigate the offending image, and a strongly worded commitment on behalf of all parties to endeavour to make efforts to have instruments in place to, where possible, inter alia, consider measures to remove the Greenpeace wallpaper.