Today Greenpeace launched a new edition of the electronics ranking guide. This time we've added some new types of hardware (games consoles and TVs) and as a result some new manufacturers (Philips, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sharpe, and Panasonic). Since, once again some of the worst performing manufacturers are ones people like here are some predictions.

* We will be accused of targeting these brands because they are high profile - and not because they make toxic products

* We will be accused of targeting these brands because we expect them to make donations - even though we accept no corporate or government money

* We will be told that these products meet existing legal requirements - even though we're quite clear we're asking for them to do more

* We will be told about the great strides these firms are making in areas like packaging, or energy use, or labour standards, even though this campaign is about toxic chemicals

What we won't hear too much is that we've already succeeded in moving the majority of the PC and mobile phone market toward a greener future, and that the smart money would be on the console makers and TV manufacturers following suit.

Meanwhile we'll be working to keep the pressure on companies who have already made commitments but are failing to deliver. See the story for more details