01 January 1986: Dead whale at whaling station, Iceland.

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A quick update - Iceland's plan to return to commercial whaling appears to have backfired a bit, with dozens of nations condemning the move. I've pasted together some media updates, plus details of what's been happening on our blogs.

First tho, the pledge. So far, 82956 people have made the pledge. Have you?

“I would seriously consider taking a vacation in Iceland rather than somewhere else if the Government of Iceland stopped whaling. I would be willing to receive an email about the options available for Icelandic tourism, an email that would be sent to me if the Government of Iceland ends its whaling program.” Take the Iceland whales pledge

There's reports in the Icelandic media suggesting that the return to commerical whaling is already causing problems:

"Already there are signs of whaling affecting tourism in Iceland negatively. Iceland’s government decided to resume commercial whaling last Tuesday. Heimir Hardarson, marketing director of whale watching company Nordursiglingar in Húsavík, northeast Iceland, says tourists have already started canceling trips to Iceland."

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From the BBC:

"Britain's fisheries minister has summoned Iceland's ambassador to explain why the country has decided to start hunting endangered whales. Ben Bradshaw called Iceland's position "inexplicable and inexcusable... World opinion is rightly outraged by this flagrant disregard for international agreements," he said.

Moves begin on Iceland's whaling »

From Reuters:

"The European Union condemned on Friday Iceland's plan to resume commercial whale hunts, urging the country to reconsider the decision. "Whales are a fragile component in the biological equilibrium of marine fauna, already threatened by the unwarranted resumption of whaling, and by other human activity, mainly pollution," the 25-country bloc's executive Commission said in a statement."

"'If it was simply a matter for the EU to decide, all commercial whaling would be abandoned once and for all,' it added."

EU urges Iceland not to resume whale hunts »

Meanwhile, lively debates have erupted on several blogs:

Richella, our webbie on board the Esperanza in the Pacific ocean, wrote a story called Bloody whaling, which has attracted a load of comments - both positive and negative - Andrew, who has been on several Greenpeace expeditions to stop whaling, is busy responding.

Irene, our Nordic webbie, had posted a story here, on Making Waves called Iceland permits hunt for endangered whales, which has also got some strange but interesting feedback.

For my part, I'd posted the story on part of my own Zeitgeist blog on blather.net, which has sparked a load of debate between, on one side, a chap called david@tokyo, and on the other, Andrew and I.

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