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"Stop flushing ancient forests down the toilet" - that's what that banner says, hanging from the rooftop of the European headquarters of the world's largest paper tissue manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark. Also - note the nifty toilets bowls planted with trees being flushed down them, as a metaphor for the the Kimberly-Clark's destruction of ancient Canadian Boreal forests just to make loo paper and other tissue products for the European market.

You may not have heard of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation - but you certainly know their products like Kleenex, Andrex, Scottex, Page and Hakle.

Many of these products use fibre sourced from the ancient forests of Canada, which is this protest happened at the the Kimberly-Clark regional headquarters in Turin, Italy.

Behind the soft, cuddly marketing spiel of Kimberly-Clark's products (think of dozens of Labrador puppies!) lies a manufacturing behemoth. In 2005 alone, Kimberly-Clark used 3.1 million metric tonnes of virgin fibre to make its products, equivalent to 135,000 truckloads. 28 percent of virgin pulp used for its products in Europe and more than 20 percent globally was sourced from ancient forests in Canada including the threatened Boreal forest.

That's an awful lot of forest getting flushed down the loo. Send a message to Kimberly-Clark demanding an end to forest destruction »

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In Italian: Greenpeace in azione a Torino. Scottex: foreste primarie nel water.


© Greenpeace/Andrea Guermani


© Greenpeace/Andrea Guermani