My name is Mahi and I work on EU policy on climate and energy in Brussels. This is probably the dullest job in Greenpeace, since everything in the EU moves extremely slowly and involves a painful amount of talking and listening and then some more talking.

I monitor and analyse the work of the EU institutions and try to challenge EU decision-makers to implement progressive solutions. One of the key assets of this job is that I get to work very closely with inspiring campaigners in the European offices. Jointly, we try to move the most difficult or obstructive governments on EU climate issues. The highlight of this work is when we actually succeed and get climate-friendly elements in EU legislation. Then, we know that these will be set in law for 27 countries and will have a knock-on effect to the rest of the world.

I join in at political meetings to try and make sure that the EU plays a positive role. With my colleagues from around the world we work with the same objective in mind: to get urgent action from all governments; action which is proportionate to the climate challenge that we're facing. And yes, this involves some more talking. But I get to be part of a team consisting of very talented and brilliant people. And sometimes we win.