pg060307ranza_espy_150.jpgFrom ABS-CBN:

Amidst endless war, death and destruction almost everywhere on our planet, a 20-year-old vessel, originally a Murmansk-based firefighting ship, is crossing the vast oceans on a voyage with a message of great concern but also of great hope. The Esperanza (Spanish for hope), the biggest vessel in the fleet of international environmental organization Greenpeace, is spearheading the Defend Our Oceans campaign. The journey started in Cape Town, South Africa, on November 15, 2005, and is the most ambitious ship expedition ever undertaken by Greenpeace. The Esparanza is on its way from India to the Philippines where it will arrive on August 15.

The Defend Our Oceans campaign brings the oceans to the shore. It exposes the enormous damage that human activity does to the oceans, but it also reveals the—often unseen—beauty of the oceans and proposes solutions how to preserve precious marine life.

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