Ban the BulbIn light of a new study by the International Energy Agency it looks like using energy efficient bulbs should be the number 1 thing to do on any environmentalist's everyone's list! Or perhaps people shouldn't have the choice. Perhaps normal energy wasting light bulbs should simply be banned or at the very least taxed.

I am proud to declare that all of the light bulbs in my house are those weird looking compact flourescents things. Governments should act on this opportunity to conserve energy and decrease C02 production because environmentally aware people are not going to be able to do much by themselves. If you aren't already using energy saving bulbs you should be ashamed of yourself and go out NOW and buy some but if you are, then you could help the rest of the planet to make the switch by writing to your local MP, government ministers and leaders urging them to propose a ban or a tax on incandescent light bulbs that are costing the Earth.

I'll write my letters today and will post any responses.