I'm a bigtime Radiohead fan. But then I'm an easy mark for any musicians that can master an instrument that less than a hundred people worldwide can play and turn the lyric "I'm a Creep" into an anthem. Here's a recent notice of frontman Thom Yorke's support for our campaign against overfishing, from virgin.net

The enigmatic frontman claims enormous demand from supermarkets for seafood is threatening the future of fish and he backed a Greenpeace campaign calling on world leaders to enforce sustainable fishing.

In a post on the official Radiohead website, he said: "Supermarket demand for fish (not that I eat fish or meat) has meant we are fishing to extinction.

"What I find particularly offensive are the enormous nets they use that drag everything up.

"Supermarkets should be made to source their fish responsibly and governments should act in the interest of our future to regulate for sustainable fishing - not this mass production/destruction s***.

See Thom's original post here. Oh, and take action here.

And given Martin's post below, I suggest it's time to wipe out all those glass-half-empty Oasis ditties from your playlists (other than Ryan Adam's better-than-the-original "Wonderwall") and stack up on organic, sustainable, glass-half-full Radiohead tunes.