[ Copyright: Greenpeace/Michelangelo Gisone ]

I work at Greenpeace and even so sometimes I've got to ask, "How did they do that?"

This is the stage of the World Energy Conference (held by the World Energy Congress), in Rome. [Click for larger photo.] We got word that the World Energy Congress has a plan that lets global warming emissions keep increasing until 2030 AND proposes an expansion of nuclear power.

Looking at the sponsor list for the Conference, that's not a big surprise. One of the main sponsors is Enel - Italy's biggest power company. They aren't building any nuclear reactors in their own country of course. Italy had a referendum and the people voted against nuclear power. But they are working on finishing a plant in Slovakia - one that was designed in the (pre-Chernobyl) 1970's.

In fact, the sponsor and speaker lists are packed with companies still stuck in back in the nuclear age. No wonder they're pushing nuclear, and no wonder it takes so long for greenhouse gas emissions to peak under their plan.

How's this for an idea instead: Take all that money they want to spend on dangerous, polluting nuclear plants and put it into energy efficiency and renewable energy instead. Make a real energy revolution!

And one more thing. I love the photo posted with the web feature about this. The guys on stage are still clapping, and just look at all those camera phones! Makes me grin.

UPDATE: There's a video on YouTube. Love the part where every one applauds.