The big news here in the UK this morning is that the owner of Heathrow airport (BAA) is taking five million people - including a lot of its own staff - to court.

It's a little mind-boggling (so mind-boggling in fact that, when we heard the news, we thought it was a mistake) but BAA is applying for an injunction to ban all five million people from the airport, stretches of two motorways, part of the national rail network and an entire London Underground line - all to prevent a peaceful protest about aviation's role in climate change planned for next month.

They want the ban to apply to "supporters", "members" and "participants" of three groups: anti-aviation group Plane Stupid, anti-noise group HACAN and AirportWatch.

The interesting bit is that AirportWatch is an umbrella organisation. Its member organisations include the National Trust, the RSPB and Greenpeace, among others. And the combined supporter base of these organisations is well over five million people - including the Queen, Prince Charles and many of BAA's own staff.

This is The Independent's take on it (they ran it as their front page story this morning):

If you're a member of the National Trust, the RSPB, the Woodland Trust or Friends of the Earth, then you could be banned from Britain's biggest airport. And the Piccadilly line. And parts of Paddington station. And sections of the M4. All because the authorities want to halt a protest against climate change...

Five million people in peaceful environmental organisations such as the National Trust and the RSPB have become the subject of an extraordinary legal attempt to limit their right to protest.

In legal documents seen by The Independent, the British Airports Authority has begun moves that would allow police to arrest members of 15 environmental groups to prevent them taking part in demonstrations against airport expansion.

The full story's also over on the Greenpeace UK website.