This made me very angry this morning – a leaked UK government memo on renewable energy in the Guardian reveals how officials are already preparing excuses, spin and plotting because they fully expect the UK to miss the 20% renewables by 2020 European target. Why? Because they say it's too expensive!

They are the very same officials who are happy to propose spending 3 billion pounds to widen a little bit of UK motorway (at £1,000 an inch) to "ease congestion".

Tony Blair hailed the signing of the EU renewable targets in the spring. But just a few months later and a full 13 years before 2020, government officials are looking to get out of it.

When I see my parents wind turbine, it makes me optimistic about the future, but then I hear about how they had to hunt around just to get a energy supplier who would pay only the same price for the energy it makes as they are charged for grid energy.

Compare that to Germany, which makes all energy suppliers pay a premium for home produced renewable energy. That's a big reason why Germany is well on track to make the 20% target.

The cost – a miniscule E1.60 extra on annual energy bills for consumers. When asked if replacing the UK's failing, under funded (but still oversubscribed) small renewables policy with Germany's working example, a Department of Trade and Industry official dismissed it as to "interventionist".