© Eric Larsen/Greenpeace

This is Lonnie and Eric. On July 1st they became the first people ever to complete a summer trek to the North Pole.

Last year I worked with Eric on board the Arctic Sunrise, after their first (failed) attempt. He hid it pretty well, but it was obvious he was crushed. It takes an insane amount of effort, training and preparation to even attempt these things. Really good to see them make it this time.

I love this photo for the stuffed polar bear. These are guys who cut their tooth brush handles in half to save weight, and one of them hauled a stuffed bear over hundreds of miles of ice. But then the fate of the polar bear has been a big part of what keeps them going.

Climate change is causing the Arctic ice pack to thin and melt. Polar bears need pack ice; it’s part of their habitat. To bring this message home Lonnie and Eric made their journey in the summer - and brought canoes.

More on their Project Thin Ice blog. They’ve got a ways to go though before they meet their ride home in Greenland.

-- Andrew

p.s. Yes, that is a melt water pool they are standing in.