Some other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

The Jakarta Post: Nuclear power is a false solution to climate change

‘Put simply, investments in nuclear power are much worse at emitting greenhouse gases than pursuing wind, solar, and other small-scale power generators. Indonesians would be wise to embrace these more environmentally friendly technologies if they are serious about producing electricity and mitigating climate change.’

The Hindu: U.S. Congressional clock ticks away; uncertainty over lame duck session

‘The decision of the Manmohan Singh government to give a final push to the civil nuclear deal comes at a time when the calendar for the 110th U.S. Congress is almost over. There is a very small window for the lawmakers here to take a final look at the deal, once President George Bush submits his report to Capitol Hill.’

BBC News: Pakistan scientist court action

‘Lawyers acting on behalf of Pakistan's government say that restrictions on disgraced nuclear scientist AQ Khan should be maintained.’

Mark Mardell's Euroblog: France builds nuclear future

‘This is Flamanville Three, where France's latest nuclear reactors are being built. The two cranes wear concrete jackets, to make sure that in the unlikely event they fell over, they wouldn't crash into either of the live reactors next door.’