Let’s round off the week again with some more amazing facts from the crazy world of nuclear energy…

According to Nobel Prize nominee and physician Dr. Helen Caldicott, mutations of recessive genes caused by nuclear waste can take up to 20 generations to reveal themselves. That’s more than 500 years.

• A document drawn up in 2001 by the UK government’s environment department says that, even if no new nuclear power stations are built, the total amount of radioactive waste produced by the country’s reactors will total 500,000 tonnes. It would take eight Yucca Mountains to store it all.

• Unlike humans, birds have no love of nuclear energy. Experiments conducted around Chernobyl showed that birds are sensitive to levels of radiation and will choose nesting sites in the area with low levels of radioactivity.

• At the end of August this year, US nuclear lobbyists, the Nuclear Energy Institute spent $1.2 million lobbying the White House, Congress, and Department of Energy. There’s still plenty of time to beat the $1.6 million they spent in 1998 when one John McCain received $35,500 from them.

• Did you know that the nuclear industry once tried to market its own soft drink? The cans leaked.

Have a good weekend.