In a measured and reasoned article for Fox News’ website, journalist Steven Milloy accuses Greenpeace of leading an ‘anti-nuclear jihad’:

‘Greenpeace has taken its anti-nuclear jihad to Flamanville, Finland, where a private utility company is currently building a European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) — a safer, more reliable and cheaper next-generation reactor. But Greenpeace has alleged technical and safety problems with the EPR and misconduct in the Finns' safety approval process.’

Now, it’s tempting to simply dismiss an article from someone who thinks Flamanville in Finland (it’s in France, Steve – Google would have told you if you’d taken the time). How can we then trust him when he says EPRs are ‘safer, more reliable and cheaper’ – particularly when there isn’t one operating in the world yet - is anyone’s guess.

But we can’t help but feel a little bit flattered by accusations of jihad. Steve, of course, is using the word to make a not-at-all over the top rhetorical connection between Greenpeace and murderers and suicide bombers. However, jihad in its true sense means ‘to struggle to improve one's self and society’.Now that sounds more like Greenpeace’s mission.

Fox News’s mission is to be ‘Fair and Balanced’. What could be fairer or more balanced than comparing Greenpeace to terrorists? Fox’s other slogan is ‘We report, you decide’. Well, Steve, you reported and we decided…