We at Nuclear Reaction would like to extend our hearty congratulations to Slovakian Prime Minister, Robert Fico. Yesterday Mr Fico made and announcement on Slovakia’s nuclear future stunning in its originality, innovation and sheer bravado.

The prime minister gave the go ahead for construction to recommence on the Mochovce 3 and 4 reactors in the south of the country. The go ahead was extremely unusual in that it was given without contracts been signed, any proper budget in place or environmental impact assessment being conducted. At least Mr Fico was honest when he said he did not know how much the reactors would cost.

The project also has outstanding safety problems and the plans do not include modern containment systems that would prevent the escape of radioactive materials in the event of a reactor accident. The approval for the reactors given by the European Commission in July of this year does not, unbelievably, insist on full containment measures.

The nuclear industry has always had an attitude of blind optimism; an ethos of fingers-crossed and hope-for-the-best. But this wild and reckless optimism from Robert Fico takes that to a whole other level. These attitudes seem to be spreading across Eastern Europe with Bulgaria also embarking on new nuclear build without the requisite safeguards, budgets, contracts and even valid construction permits in place.

Mr Fico is showing the kind of blind faith in his project’s success that would surely allow him to walk on water. You see it a lot amongst the advocates of nuclear power. Imagine if we could only harness that faith as an energy resource – you’d never have to build another power station ever again.