Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

Business Wire: Areva: Revenue and Data for the First Nine Months of 2008

‘The group cleared revenue of 9.1 billion euros over the first nine months of 2008, up 12.9% compared with the same period in 2007.’

World Nuclear News: Go-ahead for Tricastin fix

‘Electricité de France (EdF) has been given permission to go ahead with a new plan to dislodge two fuel assemblies that became stuck during the refuelling of the Tricastin 2 reactor. The assemblies have been stuck since 8 September.’

The Salt Lake Tribune: Legal roadblock aims to keep Brazilian nuclear waste from Utah

‘Even as debate has roiled for months over a proposal to bury radioactive waste from Italy in Utah, plans for a shipment from South America have been quietly in the works. But the plan to bring in contaminated laundry waste from a nuclear reactor in Brazil appears dead on arrival.’

Bloomberg: North Korea Produced 30.8 Kilograms of Plutonium, Dong-a Says

‘North Korea told China in June it had produced 30.8 kilograms of plutonium, Dong-a Ilbo newspaper reported. North Korea used 2 kilograms of the material for a nuclear test in October 2006 and the rest to develop nuclear arms, the Korean-language daily said, citing an unidentified official.’