Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

Financial Times: Cracks appear in the French nuclear consensus

‘Hopes of new markets have been threatened by a series of low-level incidents at the nearby nuclear installation - Europe's largest. Though the vineyards lie kilometres upriver and there is no evidence of contamination, local vintners are seeking a change in the appellation. "We are all convinced that the image of Tricastin today is so linked to nuclear that it is not possible to continue," says Mr Bour.’

The Economic Times: US House Of Representatives votes for N- Deal, Senate vote likely today

‘The Indo-US civilian nuclear deal remained just one step short of final ratification as the House of Representatives voted in favour of the deal and passed legislation which is set to be the basis of civilian nuclear cooperation between India and the US.’

China Knowledge: New nuclear power plant to be built in Wuhu

‘According to a statement released by Anhui Province Wenergy, the company, along with CGNPG, Shenergy and Shanghai Electric Power will invest RMB 200 million as the registered capital for the company and the four power plants will hold 15%, 51%, 20% and 14% respectively in the new power plant.’

The Herald: 'No threat' from nuclear base lapses

‘The Ministry of Defence yesterday insisted safety lapses at nuclear bases posed no threat to the public or its staff. The Sunday Herald reported that 100 lapses were logged at Faslane and Coulport near Helensburgh between June 2006 and May last year - 40% higher than the previous year.’

AFP: Venezuela wants to work with Russia on nuclear energy: Chavez

‘Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that he was interested in accepting Russia's offer of help in developing a civilian nuclear power program. "We certainly are interested in developing nuclear energy, for peaceful ends of course -- for medical purposes and to generate electricity," he said.’

AZCentral: Radioactive garbage piles up at hospitals

‘Tubes, capsules and pellets of used radioactive material are piling up in the basements and locked closets of hospitals and research installations around the country, stoking fears they could get lost or, worse, stolen by terrorists and turned into dirty bombs.’

AFP: Dispute over Iran requires more negotiations: Chinese PM

‘Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said in an interview aired Sunday that the international approach to Iran's disputed nuclear program should focus on negotiations and avoid piling pressure on Tehran. Wen, in his first interview with the American media in five years, said major powers should pursue peaceful talks with Iran "rather than resort to the willful use of force or the intimidation of force."’

New York Times: The Troubled North Korea Deal

‘The hard-won nuclear deal with North Korea seems to be unraveling after a hopeful period in which the North shuttered its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon and dramatically blew up the cooling tower.’

The Economic Times: N-carpet awaits PM in Paris

‘Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday expressed the hope that the nuclear pact between India and France will come up for “possible signature” during his talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.’