Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

John Pilger: Under cover of racist myth, a new land grab in Australia

‘In a report for the Guardian, John Pilger describes the deception behind the pretext for a “national emergency” declared by the Australian government in Aboriginal areas. A political cry of “save the children” can also mean the profits of uranium and toxic waste.’ RP plans to start up 600-MW nuclear power plant by 2025

‘In its latest Philippine Energy Plan (PEP), it was noted that the new nuclear power facility is expected to contribute 0.885 million tonne oil equivalent (MTOE) to the projected energy mix and will reach up to 3.54 MTOE by 2035.’

China View: Jordan, France's Areva discuss plans to build nuclear plant

‘Talks between Jordan's Prime Minister Nader Dahabi and visiting Areva CEO Anne Lauvergeon covered a timetable for the project, Areva's key role in helping Jordan raise sufficient funds for construction, and operation of the nuclear power facility.’

Indybay: German anti-nuclear waste newswire now active

‘Anti-nuclear activists in Germany are gearing up for another transport of highly active nuclear waste to run through France and Germany from 7 to 9 November for dumping at the north German village of Gorleben. About 20,000 police will be deployed to guard the consignment against thousands of demonstrators. At is a newswire run by the protest movement. It already has some run-up stories on it. ’

AJC: ISSUE IN-DEPTH: NUCLEAR POWER: Nuclear power bad on so many levels

‘After 60 years and many billions of dollars in government subsidies, nuclear power should finally have to prove itself on its own merits —- which evidently it cannot do in a free market.’